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Thursday, 25 June 2015

John McAfee: Top 3 Reasons You Should NOT Trust Edward Snowden

The lifelong cyber-security expert has, rightly so, quite a few problems with the Snowden narrative.

Watch a video of this report here:

Founder of anti-virus security software company McAfeeJohn McAfee, has said that he is incredibly troubled by Edward Snowden‘s apparent rise to international infamy.

McAfee cites three key concerns with the figure who is now a hero to many people around the world…

1: Soft as snow(den) (Photo)

He states that Snowden is a ‘man of soft character and limited experience in the difficult and dangerous world into which he so willingly and knowingly thrust himself’. McAfee, himself, has been a fugitive and says it is not a life that he would willingly choose, he then asks ‘why would a man of Snowden’s apparent character do so?’

While none of us know Snowden personally, questioning his character is something that is harder to do, at least to any meaningful extent. But, as McAfee safely assumes, throwing yourself in the firing line is not a run-of-the-mill activity or something many of us would do.

2: Hong Kong > Russia (Photo)

McAfee believes there is absolutely no reason why Snowden had to leave Hong Kong forRussia. He states that a man with Snowden’s abilities could have easily lived out his days among the ‘equally as attractive’ Chinese women where it is not only cheaper to live, but also has better weather. 

We would add that Snowden’s move to Russia does absolutely nothing to benefit the Russians, all it does is add to the ridiculously dangerous Russophobic narrative that is being pushed by Western governments and mainstream media; claiming that Russia is our number one enemy.

3: Since when has the media been trustworthy? (Photo)

The third point John McAfee makes is easily the most complelling of all. He states that the only source of information on Snowden has been obtained ‘through the world’s press’. Naturally, he then asks an obvious question: ‘What truth can there be in it?’

Expanding upon this, we can safely say the corporate-controlled, mainstream media is not in the habit of putting ‘whistleblowers’ of top secret information and legitimate conspiracies on the evening news for months on end. How many times have you seen someone questioning the official story of 9/11 on the front page of a national newspaper or on your TV screen?

BONUS: Snowden doesn’t matter! (Photo)

McAfee rounds up his assessment with an incredibly realist overview that ought to bring a lot of people back down to Earth. John states that ‘everything, about every embedded agent, plus God knows what, is already in the hands of the Chinese. You can bet the same information is also in the hands of the Russians’.

McAfee then says he has ‘no clue and even less interest’ in whether or not Snowden is a good man, and says it is time for ‘citizens of this new cyber age’ to ‘get a clue’.

So, are you going to or not?

NOTE: For those few people questioning the character of John McAfee, please see an overview of the analysis of Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley on the exact same subject, albeit vastly more detailed, below. This was presented two years ago…

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John McAfee: NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden is a man of soft character

John McAfee

In April of this year I was interviewed by the Russian InfoSec Magazine. The most refreshing thing about the Russian press is the incredible degree of scepticism implied within the questions asked.

In America, the depth of questioning reaches the level of: “Did Edward Snowden do a good thing or a bad thing?”

Yes, the American press is naive in the extreme. It troubles me greatly.

In Europe, the depth of questioning reaches the level of: “Is the Government manufacturing information to make Edward Snowden look like he did a good thing or a bad thing?”

Slightly more refreshing, though to my simple mind still quite naive.

The Russian interviewer also asked me about Snowden: “In your opinion, is Edward Snowden a real character or one invented by the intelligence services?”

Continue reading the full story on International Business Times 

US embassy in Paris is ‘home to secret spy nest’

Reports in France suggest the US spied on French presidents from a secret spy nest on the roof of its embassy in Paris, which stands just a stone’s throw from the Elysée palace.

As revelations emerged on Wednesday that the US spied on not one, but three French presidents, focus was being turned to the roof of the US embassy in Paris.

The embassy is located just a stone’s throw away from the Elysée palace where the three presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande all resided over the last ten years.

Liberation newspaper, one of the publications that revealed the spying claims, suggested the building is home to secret rooftop spy station hidden behind a canvas, with fake windows painted on it.

It might seem too simple to be true but according to Liberation this is where the US intelligence services snooped on communications from the Elysée and various ministries, all located nearby.

The paper claims the Special Collection Service, a unit combined by the members of the CIA and the NSA, were in charge of collecting the data.

Amazon Bans Sale of Confederate Gear, But Nazi Memorabilia Freely Available

Amazon.com has banned sales of products featuring the Confederate flag in response to last week’s Charleston massacre, but items featuring the Nazi swastika and the Communist hammer and sickle remain freely available.

The retailer moved to satiate the demands of perpetually offended leftist mobs by removing Confederate gear from its online inventory, but you’ll have no problem purchasing symbols that are intrinsically linked with the slaughter of tens of millions of people.

Here’s just a sample of what is available to purchase right now on Amazon.com;

Swastika-emblazoned knifes.

Nazi SS-emblazoned swords.

Swastika-themed phone cases.

Nazi Eagle necklaces.

Nazi-themed metal signs.

Swastika pendants.

Hammer & Sickle t-shirts.

Hammer & Sickle flags.

Lenin Hammer & Sickle propaganda posters.

“Helpful reminder — Communism led to the deaths of 94 million people world-wide within a hundred years. That’s approximately 93,999,991 more murders than a drug-addled, fatherless loser committed in Charleston,” points outBreitbart’s Katie McHugh.

This once again reminds us that efforts to ban the Confederate flag have little to do with racial sensitivity and everything to do with cynical political opportunism.

As Rush Limbaugh highlighted on his show yesterday, censorship of the Confederate flag is about undermining “the last remaining Republican electoral stronghold in terms of presidential politics” in the south.

As we reported earlier, some on the left are even suggesting that statues of America’s founding fathers should be torn down because people like Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.