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Monday, 9 February 2015

SIDS death plausibly linked to vaccines in a 4-month-old baby boy


The grief and responsibility parents feel after losing their child to vaccines is unimaginable and extremely traumatic. Many parents regret not researching vaccines before trusting others to make that decision for them. This mother received proof her son Nicholas plausibly died from the vaccines and she wants to remind parents how important it is to be your own advocate and to do your own research.

Her experience leads to this simple reminder, that if you rely on someone else to make these decisions for you, putting your child's life in their hands, you could pay the ultimate price of losing them.

This tragic and true story is written in honor of Nicholas Lee Copenhaver (March 7, 2013 - July 15, 2013). He passed away less than 3 days after receiving the 4 month vaccines. His death was ruled SIDS on the autopsy report. At the time the autopsy was done, the pathologist was unaware he had been recently vaccinated because he was not told.

In a later report requested by the mother to file a vaccine injury claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the neuropathologist clearly stated that, in his opinion, vaccines were the likely cause of his death. He does state in the neuropathology report that he was unaware of the vaccines at the time of the autopsy.

Mother Shares Her Story

His mother Amanda Copenhaver, who works in healthcare, shares with us,

On Friday morning July 12, 2013 I took my son in for his 4 month well-baby checkup. The doctor gave him 7 vaccines - DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota. He was cranky of course after, but doctors tell you to give Tylenol and teach you that these reactions are normal.

Saturday, he was still fussy and tired and didn't nurse as much as usual. Saturday night, my sister in law watched him overnight so we could go to work. I picked him up Sunday afternoon, after I woke up. We didn't do much that evening but nap. Looking back it seems that he was extra sleepy but I didn't notice it then.

Sunday night, I dropped him off at a very close friend's house around 10pm, so that I could go to work. Not knowing that this was the last time I'd see my son alive.

I sent pumped milk with him once I started going back to work, since he was 12 weeks old. He was used to being fed at the breast to fall asleep when he was with me. My friend said he never went to bed without a fight with her, but that night she said, he fell asleep on his own.

She said he woke in the middle of the night so she got up with him. She fell asleep in the recliner holding him. When she woke up, he was gone.

They started CPR, but of course it was no help.

I vividly remember the scream down the hallway in the middle of the night, at work, telling me to leave. I was a CNA at a nursing home, working overnights, when my coworker yelled down the hall that something was wrong with my baby. That was the absolute worst night of my life.

There were no obvious signs that something was wrong with him. Nothing outside of the "normal" that doctors lead you to believe is ok after your baby receives the vaccines. My son received his shots Friday morning and by late Sunday night- early Monday morning, he was gone.

His death was ruled as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The vaccines were not mentioned in Nicholas's autopsy report because at the time the autopsy was being done, the pathologist was not yet made aware that Nicholas recently received his shots. It all happened so fast and of course, at that moment in my life, things hadn't clicked yet that it was the vaccines. I was meant to believe they were so safe and this wouldn't happen.

Nicholas didn't have his airways blocked and did not suffocate when he passed away. I had to do my own homework and I was referred to a vaccine injury lawyer who listened to my story and took on my case. I had to request a report in order to file a vaccine injury claim.

The neurologist that did our report for the case actually did the autopsy also. Unfortunately, if I hadn't looked into things further on my own, I may have never known what took my sons life.

The doctor who did the autopsy even stated that he feels vaccine causation exists in our case and wrote this in our neuropathology report. The report we have gotten for our case clearly states that, in his opinion, vaccines were the likely cause of death. We were lucky because often times, vaccines are never mentioned and parents are not given truthful answers.

It seems most babies that die soon after vaccination are ruled as SIDS cases or some other vague cause of death. It doesn't make sense when all of these children are passing away after getting vaccines why the vaccines are never listed as the cause of death. Surely this needs to be considered more.

Most parents that have suffered the same fate mention that vaccines aren't even listed on their child's autopsy report, even when the person doing the autopsy is informed the kid was recently vaccinated. Why?

Thank goodness Missouri automatically does a full autopsy on children because when we later went back to file a vaccine adverse event report with VAERS, etc., they had exactly everything they needed. We are still waiting for our case to go through with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), which we are told could take a very long time.

We will have to wait to find out if our case is awarded but no amount of money could replace our son. The maximum they give for vaccine related deaths is $250,000. That's what our children are worth to them. Most claims are denied and those that do get awarded are often settled for less. We've already been informed things are still slow moving on the case and of course the government isn't budging.

We were told we can either attempt to settle beforehand or fight this case in court, which might happen in the latter part of summer 2015. We would also have to make arrangements to fly to Washington D.C. because the U.S. Court of Federal Claims is there, across from the White House, to attend the court case which is different than regular court cases. Outsiders cannot attend and there is no jury. An appointed special master decides whether our case will be awarded or denied.

My son was vaccinated on schedule. He was given Hep B at birth, 8 vaccines at his 2 month well baby visit (DTaP, IPV, Hib, Heb B, PCV and Rota) and 7 vaccines at his 4 month well baby visit (DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota). I don't think many parents are aware these are the vaccines on the current US schedule.

I'd like to tell other parents to heavily do their research, because unfortunately, I didn't. I had no idea. I thought like most that I was doing what I was supposed to by taking my child in to get vaccinated. Especially working in healthcare, they hammer it into us everybody that you have to have your shots. I didn't question it one bit, and now I regret it.

I have heard from so many other people now after the fact that the same thing happened to them. I want people to know that this does happen and that it's a lot more common than they realize.

It's not about just one "accident", this is becoming more common and it's not right. Losing a child is something that absolutely nobody should have to go through and these vaccines are putting too many families through this.

I can only hope sharing our story will save someone else the heartache and pain of losing a child. I want to tell the world and save them the heartache that we have been through.

Rest In Peace Our Precious Angel...

Amanda Copenhaver

Nicholas Lee Copenhaver

March 7, 2013 - July 15, 2013

Nicholas Lee Copenhaver

Amanda wrote, "My baby was absolutely amazing. It's terrible he's gone. And it kills me to know that this could have been prevented if we knew that vaccines could do this. He would be turning 2 years old, on March 7, 2015."

Neuropathology Report


Amanda shares this part of her son's neuropathology report, to help give other parents answers as to what might have happened to their child, but were denied the truth. She wrote "This report really helped me find peace. No matter how our case goes in the future, this one report helped me more than anyone may ever know."


There is no guarantee a vaccine will protect you from the disease it was said to prevent. There is no guarantee a vaccine will not harm you or a loved one. If you learned vaccinating your child can severely harm them, trust your children's immune system over these vaccines. There are a lot of ways to treat and prevent disease naturally without the worries of what they put in those vials. Your child. Your choice. You may not get a second chance. Please make it an informed one.

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Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank.

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9/11 trial on hold after Gitmo detainees accuse translator of being CIA torturer

 Detainees in orange jumpsuit

© Reuters

Detainees in orange jumpsuits sit in a holding area under the watchful eyes of military police during in-processing to the temporary detention facility at Camp X-Ray of Naval Base Guantanamo Bay in this January 11, 2002 file photograph

A military judge halted a hearing at Guantanamo Bay on Monday when two detainees being tried in connection with the September 11 terror attacks said they recognized their translator from a secret CIA prison where they were formerly held.

Moments into the proceedings - the first hearing in six months - Army Col. James L. Pohl recessed court after one defendant, then another, objected to their English-to-Arabic translator, journalists reported from Gitmo.

"The problem is I cannot trust him because he was working at the black site with the CIA, and we know him from there," defendant Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh said soon after Monday morning's hearing began, according to the

Once Al-Shibh made the allegation, an attorney for co-defendant Walid bin Attash said her client was "visibly shaken" upon seeing the man during Monday's proceedings and raised the same objection.

"My client relayed to me this morning that there is somebody in this courtroom who was participating in his illegal torture," attorney Cheryl Bormann told Col. Pohl, according to reporter Carol Rosenberg.

Monday's hearing was the first for the Gitmo detainees since proceedings took a pause in August, and the first since the Senate Intelligence Committee released an executive summary of its years-in-the-making report on the CIA's use of torture in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Al-Shibh, 42, and Attash, 36, were captured in 2002 and 2003, respectively, and held by the CIA at a secret prison until being transferred to Gitmo in 2006.

Both detainees appear in last year's Senate report as being victims of harsh interrogation techniques deployed by US investigators in an effort to elicit intelligence from suspected terrorists. According to the Senate's analysis, US efforts to coerce detainees into providing information to authorities through torture proved to be largely unsuccessful.

"I can tell you he was hung from his wrists for days on end, pursuant to page 117 Bormann said of Attash, when asked by the about the report last year.

When the Senate's findings were released in December, attorneys for Bin Al-Shibh said their client should be tried separately from the other suspected 9/11 plotters now held at Gitmo, due to the "behavioral and psychological problems" he's been afflicted with since the start of the CIA-sanctioned torture he's endured. According to the Senate report, the detainee "exhibited behavioral and psychological problems, including visions, paranoia, insomnia and attempts at self-harm" in captivity, and "CIA psychologists linked [his] deteriorating mental state to isolation and inability to cope with his long-term detention."

According to the , Col. Pohl excused the linguist during Monday's hearing, effectively postponing proceedings until Wednesday. In the meantime, attorneys for the suspected terrorists may file papers with the court concerning the matter.

The appearance of the alleged CIA black site attendee was either "the biggest coincidence ever" or "part of the pattern of the infiltration of defense teams," Bormann told the court, according to the .

Proceedings for the men halted in August after defense attorneys alleged the FBI had attempted to turn a security officer for Al Shibh into an informant. If convicted of terrorism, the defendants face the death penalty.

Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank.

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Manipulation-Craft, or how they get us to agree

Bush on sign

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We are not so smart.

Manipulation takes many forms, and aims at us from multiple levels. Emotions, inattention, preoccupation, distraction, lack of information, misinformation, and levels of trust all aid in the success of manipulation-craft bewitchment. The systems and techniques, utilized to manipulate and deceive, are known and tried. They are natural systems experienced in society and the psychological functions of reality. When used with the intent to beguile they become manipulation-crafts. Below are a few examples of techniques and mechanisms you face. Knowing them and recognizing the process is key to your understanding and freewill.
Hegelian Dialectic

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Hegelian Dialectic

For every idea or (Thesis) there would be an opposite idea or (Antithesis). The resulting conflict between the two leads to a combination of the two or (Synthesis). The Synthesis then becomes the new Thesis and the cycle continues.

This process can be observed with any meeting of the minds throughout time. However, if both parts of the equation are under the direction of the same architect, the resulting synthesis is a structure of intended design. Utilizing the Hegelian Dialectic as manipulation-craft is detrimental to a free society. It makes the political and democratic processes inept.

Problem Reaction Solution

This manipulation technique avoids opposition to the goal of the manipulators. It manipulates the targeted individual(s) into wanting the manipulator to do what the manipulator had planned to do, but could not have done without the support of the targeted person(s).

For example, you create a problem, that can not be traced back to you. This problem causes your intended reaction from the targeted individual(s). Use of appropriate media and other influences can aid greatly in shaping the desired reaction of the targeted subject(s). The manipulated reaction of the targeted victim(s) then causes the victim(s) to demand a solution to the problem you created.

The leaders of country "A" want to go to war with country "B". However the people of country "A" do not support this action. Country "A" initiates events that appear to be acts of war taken by country "B". The indignation from the people of country "A" demand that their leaders take action. The leaders of country "A", with the support of their people, attack country "B".

falling dominoes

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Linchpin theory in action.

Linchpin Theory

Linchpin Theory argues that overt social, political, economic, and technological complexity causes destructive events. It neglects acknowledging those facilitating the events. It is a perception that social, political, economic, and technological tides areunguided and chaotic, that all is random, and disaster is a product of chance triggered by an over-complicated system. It disguises order, with chaos masking the intended manipulation of the destructive event. The current financial crisis here in America and around the world, as well as the steady devaluing of the US dollar and other sovereign currencies make a good example.


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Propaganda matching a non-truth to an extreme emotional event for transference effect.


Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed towards influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda, in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively, thus possibly lying by omission to encourage a particular synthesis, or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political, religious or commercial agenda. Propaganda can be used as a form of ideological or commercial warfare.


Doublespeak utilizes language to deliberately disguise, distort, or reverse the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms meant to make the truth sound more palatable, i.e. "We are fighting for peace" said by Shimon Peres former Prime Minister of Israel or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's infamous quote, "It's not a tax increase, it's eliminating a tax decrease that was there." Doublespeak may also refer to intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning, i.e. from George Orwell's "War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength." In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth. Doublespeak is most closely associated with political language.

The Impression of a Choice

Manipulation can cloak itself in the guise of freewill. A skilled salesmen, hoping to get a meeting, asks their prospective client if they would like to meet tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. Thereby limiting, to an extent, the option for the client to say no. On a larger scale we witness this throughout society. Coke or Pepsi, McDonald's or Burger King, Republican or Democrat. We can avoid this type of manipulation-craft when we acknowledge other options.

The Kübler-Ross Model

Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining, Acceptance. Also known as the five stages of denial or grief. This psychological process can be experience in many ways, including the realization of orchestrated deception and unthinkable breaches of trust. These steps are natural and understanding them helps greatly to facilitate a healthy state of mind. However understanding how they can be used against you is also important. By prolonging or maintaining a stage of the Kübler-Ross Model, you are kept from reaching fruition. Each stage allows unique opportunities for manipulation.

Kubler-Ross cycle

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The Association Fallacy

Association fallacy is an inductive informal fallacy of hasty generalization, or red herring, which asserts that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another merely by an irrelevant association. The two types are sometimes referred to as guilt by association and honor by association, and can be based on an appeal to the emotions, and lack of knowledge by the target of the manipulation. Utilizing this Manipulation-Craft the practitioner can associate the good with bad, making the good appear guilty by association. Likewise, the bad can be made to look righteous if this is the practitioner's intent.

Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank.

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French nuclear power plants, drones and UFOs - oh my

UFOs france, nuclear

Drones and other UFOs have been seen over French nuclear facilities

Several unidentified flying objects have been spotted over nuclear power plants in France and Belgium over the last few months, and the story has been all over European news.

Thus far, the media has reported that the UFOs are likely drones. However, currently, months after the sightings began, the French government still doesn't know who they belong to. Now a director of one of those nuclear power plants in France says whatever flew over his plant in October, 2014, was not a drone. It was a UFO.

According to Austrian news site ORF.at, there were 18 separate occasions UFOs were seen flying over nuclear power plants in France between early October and early November. The latest incident was announced on January 3, 2015. A nuclear power plant in Nogent-sur-Seine, southeast of Paris, reported that two security guards saw "two flying objects."

The media has reported that some authorities suspect the objects are drones flown by anti-nuclear activists to demonstrate that the plants are open to terrorist attacks via drones. However, authorities have not been able to track them. The largest anti-nuclear organizations have also denied any involvement.

According to The Independent in the UK, a source at Greenpeace has said, "Anti-nuclear campaigners tend also to be anti hi-tech."

In late November, France's secretary-general of defence and national security (SGDSN) posted a press release on the issue, stating (translated by Google Translate): "Although currently listed overflights do not present a threat jeopardizing the proper functioning and security of nuclear facilities, they are nevertheless a warning about potential risks from inappropriate or malicious use."

The SGDSN wrote that they would deal with the issue with "the implementation and development of detection means and the interception of these small aircraft."

As the months have passed, and the concerns have grown, France has not come any closer to identifying the origins of the mysterious aircraft, and it appears not all of the authorities believe drones are to blame.

According to the French newspaper Sud Ouest, a director of one of the nuclear power plants has expressed his opinion that a drone was not what flew over his nuclear power plant. Pascal Pezzani, Director of Blayais Nuclear Power Plant in southwestern France, held a presentation on the plant's results for 2014 and the outlook for the plant in the future.

Pezzani addressed the drone issue, and stated (translated by Google Translate): "Here, we have not seen drone. We saw a UFO and there was no impact on the safety of our sites. Our position is clear, when there overflight of the site and we complain we communicate."

Although, there is a little lost in translation, Pezzani is apparently expressing that when there is an overflight, they do file a complaint with the authorities. However, points out that the overflight at this particular plant was in October, 2014, but was not communicated until December.

Others also feel that this UFO mystery cannot be answered by unclaimed drones. German news blogger Andreas Müller runs the website Grewi.de, which covers "frontier-science and the paranormal." He alerted me to this latest news, and previously had posted a story about civilian witnesses to the objects. According to Müller, the testimony was printed in the latest issue of a Swiss magazine called . Writer Robert Fleischer found witnesses at forum-ovni-ufologie.com, a popular French UFO forum.

Müller writes that Fleischer is skeptical of the drone explanation, given the descriptions by witnesses. Fleischer suspects there is more to it than French authorities are willing to admit.

It has been reported that France is on "high alert" due to these UFO overflights of nuclear power plants, and with the latest being earlier this year, this mystery shows every indication of becoming an even bigger concern in 2015.


Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank.

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Is a forced vaccination agenda behind the measles hysteria?


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Several months ago there was a measles outbreak among the Amish where 383 people were infected, and (as usual) nobody came even close to death. The media hardly expressed concern except to criticize the Amish for not being vaccinated. Now comes the Disneyland infection and suddenly it's a national security threat. The issue of mandating vaccines is being broadcast widely, almost as if we are dealing with a conspiracy of creating a crisis in order to justify squashing the anti-vaccine movement.

Why should the issues of measles raise such a fuss? Measles isn't even lethal except to the few people who are very old or immunocompromised and at risk from dozens of other minor threats. I can remember the time when we used to visit the homes of people with the Measles or Chicken Pox in order to get infected early and gain permanent immunity after recovery. It was widely known that this builds the immune system's ability to handle diseases in general.

The anti-vaccine movement is strong in the US and for good reason. 1) That vaccines have resulted in numbers of dead, damaged and autistic children is well established, though hotly denied by vaccine makers, government, and the medical establishment - despite hard evidence. 2) Vaccines have a spotty record of effectiveness and the "immunity" isn't permanent in most cases, hence the need for booster shots. 3) all the spotty benefits have to be weighed against the high level of danger inherent in vaccine ingredients including: foreign substances, toxic preservatives, and immune fooling adjuvants that cause many immune disorders that are often far worse than the vaccination target disease.

The medical journal, "Clinical Infectious Diseases," published the finding that measles is often contracted and spread by those who have been vaccinated against it, and that "(1) MMR vaccines are not meaningfully effective and (2) those that choose not to be vaccinated pose no additional threat to those who choose to be." The LA Times confirmed that the measles vaccine doesn't stop people from getting measles:

Even those who get the shots have a small risk of getting ill, especially if immunized in the 1980s or earlier. As the measles outbreak that started at Disneyland grew to at least 70 cases Wednesday, much of the attention has focused on how the vast majority of patients were not vaccinated for the highly contagious disease.

But some medical experts also have expressed concern about the five patients who contracted measles despite being fully vaccinated. Their cases point to a lesser-known aspect of the measles vaccine: That even those who get the shots have a small risk of getting sick, especially older people who were immunized in the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

Of course, rather than admit to vaccine ineffectiveness, their answer was "we need more booster shots." But the more you take of the MMR shot, the higher your risk, especially in children, of deadly reactions. As the Daily Sheeple reported,

Keira Driscoll, a 5-year-old girl, died of the flu just three days after she was vaccinated.

It makes you wonder if she contracted the virus from the shot in the first place. Vaccine Inserts say recipients are contagious for 28 days, but you can be sure no one in government or the media will be asking that question. They don't care about effectiveness or side effects. They have an ideological agenda to push, and it's "Government is charged with securing public safety."

But that's not right. Government's purpose is to keep people's rights from being violated, not to ensure safety, which is almost impossible to define and enforce. Besides, once you give a bureaucrat the responsibility to ensure everyone's safety, each person's individual liberty becomes a threat to his job, and puts him in the position of looking like he has failed if anyone has a problem or an accident.

I think this media blitz over the threat of measles is totally out of place and unnecessary. There is clearly an agenda here to discredit the anti-vaccine movement and force everyone into taking vaccines. California - ever the first to enact the worst and most draconian legal restrictions on liberty - has proposed eliminating all vaccine exemptions for kids attending public schools. What's next, no exemptions for anyone venturing out into the public realm? It's even become an issue for the nomination of presidential candidates.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie started it by saying correctly that parents should have some choice on whether to vaccinate their children. The AP says it is "a position he's taken before but one that drew a new level of attention amid a U.S. measles outbreak and his recent moves toward running for president. [Christie backpedaled quickly.] The political significance of Christie's remarks was amplified by his office a short time later, when it released a statement saying the governor believes "with a disease like measles there is no question kids should be vaccinated." [Actually, with a non-lethal disease, there's no questions it should NOT be mandatory!].

Brian Snyder of Reuters commented on how the vaccine issue is being offloaded on other candidates besides Christie:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, an eye doctor, said in a Monday radio interview that parents should have some input on vaccines for their children because "I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines."

Hillary Rodham Clinton, sent out a Tweet: "The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let's protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest." [Typical demagoguery - if you make a false claim of "this is established science" long enough most will believe it.]

The CDC is lying when it claims the measles vaccine is 97% effective, and the very establishment, "The Verge" magazine, took additional hits at the anti-vaccine crowd when it said that, "The anti-vaccination movement has proven frustratingly difficult to stop, even when it deals exclusively in conspiracy and long-debunked studies [most have not been debunked - if you look at the specifics]. The source text for the movement is a retracted study by a disgraced British doctor [Wakefield stands by the conclusions of his study despite the establishment attempts to discredit him] purporting to show health risks associated with the measles vaccine, yet no number of studies debunking its claims have been able to change the minds of anti-vaxxers. [That's because there is still powerful evidence of the vaccine/autism link, including the first-hand experience of thousands of parents who see the damage to their babies and children after taking vaccines.]

The last thing the movement needs is the legitimacy of political debate and a call to hear both sides. [It's not rare that liberals try and silence the opposition, but it is rare (and telling) to see a liberal actually admit in print they don't want to hear both sides!] Though it might seem like an odd fit for a conservative politician - the current outbreak is traced to a trend among parents in wealthy, well-educated, and generally liberal areas of California - anti-vaxxers also frequently base their stance on religious ground or freedom from government meddling. One study shows that willingness to get vaccinated correlates with trust in government. [Indeed, and that's no compliment. Those that trust government these days are blind, naive, and not listening to the warning voice of conscience.]

I'm actually surprised the establishment chose a very minor measles outbreak to push the concept of mandatory vaccinations. The issue of giving the state the power to inject you with unproven and unsafe vaccines against your will is a bigger threat than measles or any vaccine, at least to your liberty. It's what I call an "unlimited extension of lawmaking power." If they can mandate you do anything for your own safety, there is no limit to what they can force upon you.

Every person has an absolute right to their own body and anything that goes into it. Take good note of the following, and be prepared to use it when they bring up the safety argument:

1) The US Government Has Paid out $3 Billion to Vaccine-Injured Americans Since 1989, and almost 90 percent of victims with serious side effects are deterred from reporting or even making a claim. Doctors are trained to deny any evidence of vaccine linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

2) The Polio vaccine is contaminated with monkey cancer virus

3) A 5 Year old girl contracted shingles (severe nerve damage) after chickenpox vaccination

4) The MMR vaccine has been shown to give baby monkeys autism

5) In the New York measles outbreak 90% were vaccinated for measles.

6) There are thousands of SIDS deaths linked to vaccines administered a few days before, and many more thousands of screaming babies with high fevers and permanent damage.

Here's a real life and death story about vaccines and babies by Jeffry John Aufderheide of Vactruth.com.

Many parents regret not researching vaccines before trusting others to make that decision for them [especially their doctor]. This mother received proof her son Nicholas plausibly died from the vaccines and she wants to remind parents how important it is to be your own advocate and to do your own research.

Nicholas Lee Copenhaver, passed away less than 3 days after receiving the 4 month vaccines. His death was ruled SIDS on the autopsy report. At the time the autopsy was done, the pathologist was unaware he had been recently vaccinated because he was not told.

In a later report requested by the mother to file a vaccine injury claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the neuropathologist clearly stated that, in his opinion, vaccines were the likely cause of his death. He does state in the neuropathology report that he was unaware of the vaccines at the time of the autopsy.

His mother Amanda Copenhaver, who works in healthcare [and trusted the medical establishment] said, On Friday morning July 12, 2013 I took my son in for his 4 month well-baby checkup. The doctor gave him 7 vaccines - DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota. He was cranky of course after, but doctors tell you to give Tylenol and teach you that these reactions are normal.

Saturday, he was still fussy and tired and didn't nurse as much as usual. Sunday night, I dropped him off at a very close friend's house around 10pm, so that I could go to work. Not knowing that this was the last time I'd see my son alive. My friend said he never went to bed without a fight with her, but that night she said, he fell asleep on his own. She said he woke in the middle of the night so she got up with him. She fell asleep in the recliner holding him. When she woke up, he was gone.

There are many other well documented anti-vaccines websites on the internet to help you make informed choices. I thinking the risks are way too high and won't personally take any vaccines, period. I rely instead on really good nutrition (Westin A. Price foundation), and regular aerobic exercise to build a powerful immune system.

For you who do the same, it's going to take some real courage to fight this mandate when it comes down, so start preparing now to stay out of the medical system and the public schools, whatever the price. Yes, it can be done. Our family has done it for years. There will be a witch-hunt on for non-vaccinated homeschooled kids, and doctors will soon be asking for proof any time you come into their offices.

If you admit to refusing vaccines, you run the risk of having Child Protective Services show up at your door to collect your children. So, learn to avoid contact with the medical establishment. Teach your children self control and good nutrition so they don't have accidents and illness that requires hospitalization. I know that's tough counsel but the precedent of taking children from parents for medical reasons has already started. Don't depend on the courts to protect your rights.

Recommended article: Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank.

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Third Man Factor: The hallucinatory effects of survival

brain waves

© unknown

If you're unfamiliar with the poem, it was written by T.S. Elliot after reading a strange account from famed Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. During the last leg of his 1914-1917 expedition, he was hiking with his two remaining companions, desperately trying to reach a British whaling station. They were low on food, dehydrated, poorly equipped, and very near death's door.

That's when he reported sensing an unseen member among the group. For whatever reason, he felt that there was a fourth person traveling with them, who despite being impossible to see, was a very comforting and encouraging presence. After they made it to the whaling station, Shackleton kept this detail to himself, before revealing it to a reporter many years later. After news of this encounter reached his former comrades, they too admitted to sensing this strange presence.

So what was this apparition (for lack of a better word) that Shackleton witnessed? It has since been dubbed "the third man factor" by researchers, and it has been experienced by countless survivors all over the world. It usually occurs when someone finds themselves alone in a harrowing survival situation, though sometimes it involves a shared experience between several survivors, as in Shackleton's case.

But being alone is definitely more common. In the case of Frank Smythe, one of the first explorers to attempt to climb Mount Everest, he too felt the presence of a companion after his companions decided to give up and head back to base camp. He actually broke off a piece of mint cake and tried handing it to this invisible man, before realizing there was no one there.

Sometimes it's like that. Just a subtle sense that someone is there. But other times you can hear this person talking to you, encouraging you to not give up. When James Sevigney survived an avalanche in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, he was bleeding out internally and externally, his back was broken in two places and his knees were shattered. It was in that moment he heard a voice say "No you can't give up. You have to live." He described it as if this voicing was speaking right next to his ear.

Other times, this presence takes a more physical form. When Peter Hillary was on an expedition to the South Pole in 1998, he claims that at one point he was accompanied by his mother, who had died in a car crash 20 years prior.

The only thing these case all have in common is that they involve moments of extreme stress and danger. Otherwise, they can happen in any environment in the world and have been reported by explorers, mountain climbers, divers, sailors, and prisoners of war. Even some of the survivors of 9/11 claim to have been led out of the Twin Towers by this strange force.

Which brings up an interesting thought, most scientific minds would argue that these apparitions are nothing more than a coping mechanism for a brain on the brink of death, but they don't always happen to someone who is starving in the woods for days on end. It can happen quite suddenly. It seems to be different than an exhausted brain producing hallucinations, and most claim it is beneficial. All it really takes is shock, fear, and stress. If you're under those conditions and you're alone, then you stand a good chance of experiencing the third man syndrome.

As for other explanations, you could say that this might be spiritual in nature. It certainly fits the bill of a "guardian angel." But others have argued that it's actually an ancient relic of human psychology called "the Bicameral Brain." This theory suggests that until about 3000 years ago, our brains were quite different then they are now. The hardware of the brain is the same, but our consciousness was structured in a radically different way.

It's a difficult subject to explain, but basically some researchers think that our consciousness was once divided into two halves, and we only had control over one (they base this theory on the narrative structures of ancient literature). The other half communicated to us through voices in our heads, and gave us a sense that everything around us was alive, which would explain quite a bit about what we know of ancient religions. But having a bicameral brain would be a lot like having schizophrenia, hence the reason why it died out.

Admittedly, that's a pretty strange theory, but if it's true then it wouldn't surprising to find that there are remnants of this mentality still lurking in our modern brains, which only show up when we're in survival mode. Other than that, there isn't a conclusive scientific explanation for the third man syndrome, especially when you factor in the cases of multiple survivors experiencing it simultaneously.

Whatever it is, it would probably be a good idea for preppers to familiarize themselves this strange phenomenon. Mental health is just as crucial to survival as physical health and preparedness. Knowing the symptoms means that you won't be caught off guard if it happens to you.

At the end of the day though, it's good to know that if you ever encounter this, whether it is spiritual or scientific (or pseudo-scientific) in nature, rest assured that you have not lost your marbles. You're experiencing what countless others have witnessed throughout history, and by all accounts, it is not debilitating.

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Big Pharma 'repatenting' raises prices of top drugs by more than 6 times

Drug Money

© Natural Society

What happens when mega pharmaceutical companies get their new grip around one of the oldest asthma medications that many rely on for daily use? Based on historical data, it appears that one of the first action items is to exponentially increase the price of the same medication without any actual advancements of any kind. It's a process that is involved with 'repatenting.'

The art of repatenting is one that massive corporations absolutely love. When the drug companies own the patent rights to a formula, even if it is virtually the same as a generic one or has been sold for far less over the last several decades, they can charge you (and your insurance company) whatever they want.

And in the case of the highly popular asthma drug albuterol, even the has reported on the absurd price increase following its 'repatenting.'

Drug Money_1

© The New York Times

In an article back in 2013 on the publication's featured news, author Elisabeth Rosenthal explains:

"Albuterol, one of the oldest asthma medicines, typically costs $50 to $100 per inhaler in the United States, but it was less than $15 a decade ago, before it was repatented."

And it's not just albuterol. It's a host of pharmaceutical creations.

"But many generics are still expensive, even if insurers are paying the bulk of the bill. Generic Augmentin, one of the most common antibiotics, retails for $80 to $120 for a 10-day prescription ($400 for the brand-name version). Generic Concerta, a mainstay of treating attention deficit disorder, retails for $75 to $150 per month, even with pharmacy discount coupons. For some conditions, including asthma, there are few generics available.

While the United States is famous for break-the-bank cancer drugs, the high price of many commonly used medications contributes heavily to health care costs and certainly causes more widespread anguish, since many insurance policies offer only partial coverage for medicines.

In 2012, generics increased in price an average of 5.3 percent, and brand-name medicines by more than 25 percent, according to a recent study by the Health Care Cost Institute, reflecting the sky-high prices of some newer drugs for cancer and immune diseases."

Drug Money_2

© The New York Times

And as these pharmaceutical juggernauts raise prices across the board just because 'they can,' they are sure not to tell you about the countless natural substances that have been found time and time again to be extremely beneficial in the fight against disease.

As pharmaceutical industries continue to raise prices in attempts to fill their overflowing wallets with consumer cash, it's always essential to look for natural alternatives and push for ways to ensure that you won't need their chemical intervention in the first place.

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Humanoid robots to staff new Japanese hotel

Robots Actroids

© Huis Ten Bosch

Henn-na Hotel Robots Actroids.

In Walt Disney World's Carousel of Progress, a scene is presented where a robot bell boy is helping a lady out of her futuristic car. While the robots at Nagasaki's high tech Henn-na hotel will not be driving around on one wheel, the hotel will be primarily staffed by robots.

In a world where nearly every movie and novel to feature robotic AI ends with mankind being nearly wiped out, the idea of staying at a hotel with robotic attendants would give most people pause. The world in which the new Henn-na hotel will open is in the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki, Japan. The park is modeled after a Dutch town, complete with actual-sized copies of old Dutch buildings to bring the experience of The Netherlands to Japan. The high tech robotic staff will create an interesting juxtaposition against such a historic backdrop.

The official press release for the hotel touts the usage of robots, or "actroids," as the calls them, saying they will handle some of the most visible services at the hotel, including greeting guests, carrying luggage, cleaning rooms, and checking you in and out of your rooms. The hotel will open with 10 robotic staff members but Hideo Sawada, president of theme park Huis Ten Bosch, stated the following.

Robots Actroids_1

© Huis Ten Bosch

Three of the initial robotic staff will be the receptionists, three "actroids" that will be able to interact with people by having conversations in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The receptionists will feature the ability to not only hold a conversation but be able to interpret voice inflection and body language.

No demonstration was available on the robot actroids ability to move or carry luggage, but we have already seen how far the field of robotics have come in other Inquisitr stories such as the Kung Fu robot.

In addition to the androids running the hotel, other high tech features will be present in the hotel, such as a reliance on facial recognition instead of key cards. Room temperature will also be automatically adjusted based on radiation panels in the rooms that will monitor body heat and make the necessary changes to keep guests comfortable. In addition, amenities will be ordered through a hotel-provided tablet rather than calling reception.

Human staff will supplement the robotic staff in the event they decide to start plans for world domination. "We will make the most efficient hotel in the world," Sawada said. "In the future, we're hoping to build 1,000 similar hotels around the world."

The Henn-na hotel will open in July with 72 rooms and be $60 USD for a single room. A second phase with an additional 72 rooms will open the following year.

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Spontaneous DNA mutation causes miracle cure


© Thinkstock

It's a medical miracle. A woman who had been suffering from an extremely rare disease for 50 years has experienced a spontaneous cure as a result of changes in her DNA. Doctors described the chances of such an event as "astronomically low" and the equivalent of winning the top lottery prize.

The lucky lady is now 58 and her identity is unknown. Before her sudden cure she had a condition known as "WHIM syndrome" which caused serious outbreaks of warts and infections. WHIM syndrome is a rare immunodeficiency disorder.

WHIM is an acronym derived from the main features of the condition - Warts, Hypogammaglobulinemia, Infections, and Myelokathexis (retention of neutrophils in the bone marrow). It usually presents in early childhood.

Recurrent bacterial infections and cellulitis are common symptoms. Sufferers frequently develop widespread warts that are treatment resistant. In extreme cases potentially cancerous genital warts can occur.

Doctors believe WHIM syndrome is an inherited condition caused by mutations in the CXCR4 gene. Early diagnosis is essential. Treatments include G-CSF (which stimulates the production of neutrophils); intravenous immunoglobulins; prophylactic antibiotics to prevent infection; and continued surveillance of the patient for skin lesions.

The syndrome arises when patients have a defect in a tiny section of their DNA. As a result, any new immune system cells forming in the bone marrow remain there instead of circulating in the body. This opens a patient with WHIM syndrome up to serious risk of infection and sufferers are especially vulnerable to the human papillomavirus (HPV) which not only causes warts but leads to higher incidence of cancer.

According to the BBC, the 58 year old shocked a team of researchers at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases when she told them that her warts had spontaneously vanished 20 years ago. One of the Institute's researchers, Doctor Philip Murphy, decided to investigate further. His tests revealed that the cure could be traced back to an event called "chromosomal shattering".

A mutation had occurred in a single bone marrow cell. The woman lost 164 genes from her DNA. But the real "miracle" was that among those lost genes was the rogue gene that had caused WHIM syndrome in the first place and that the mutation was in a stem cell that produces immune cells.

From that single event the patient's ability to create and release immune cells from the bone marrow was eventually restored. There is no evidence from anywhere in the world of any other cases of such spontaneous DNA mutation causing a cure. Her warts and susceptibility to infection have disappeared.

Doctors now hope that this discovery will lead to a better understanding of the way WHIM syndrome works and that, as a result, new treatments could be found. For WHIM sufferers, who have always had to face the likelihood that theirs is an incurable, lifelong, and debilitating condition, this has to be great, if cautious, good news.

Further research will now build on these findings and will also look at what part, if any, the other 163 mutated genes played in the process of recovery.

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Shhh! Your t.v. may be eavesdropping

samsung smart tv

© samsung

Too smart?

Samsung's Smart TV may be a little too smart for its own good.

Tucked into the privacy policy of the South Korean electronics behemoth's Smart TV are a few paragraphs that may send chills down the spine of some consumers. According to the document, the unit's voice recognition protocols can "capture voice commands and associated texts so that [Samsung] can provide you with Voice Recognition features and evaluate and improve the features."

The boilerplate language - which granted few people read in its entirety - sounds fairly anodyne. That is, until the company adds this warning: "Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition."

The TV's voice features can be disabled. However, the company adds another caveat: "While Samsung will not collect your spoken word, Samsung may still collect associated texts and other usage data so that we can evaluate the performance of the feature and improve it."

In other words, owners of the Samsung Smart TVs may need to watch what they say in their own homes, and especially where they say it.

A spokesperson for the company told CNBC that Samsung "takes consumer privacy very seriously," while adding that the company "does not retain voice data, or sell it to third parties. If a consumer consents and uses the voice recognition feature, voice data is provided to a third party during a requested voice command search."

The warning, first reported by The Korea Times and picked up on social media, may add fuel to a raging debate over how much control humans are willing to relinquish to automation for the sake of convenience. Tech companies are resorting to more creative, and some say surreptitious, ways to mine consumer data and profit from it.

Voice command technology is becoming more ubiquitous, and many consumers rely on those solutions - such as Apple's Siri - to power their devices.

Yet those protocols are only several degrees removed from autonomous devices, which is increasingly migrating from science fiction to reality. They also raise a host of privacy questions that experts are struggling to comprehend.

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly hot topic, with high-profile technophiles such as Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates warning about the unintended consequences of unchecked smart technology.

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Cancer epidemic in Fukushima as cancer rates skyrocket - truth being "swept under the rug"

Fukushima resident Chieko Shiina, supporter of the Fukushima Collaborative Clinic (translated by Carole Hisasue), Jan 24, 2015 ():

  • - Already, 85 children have had surgeries for thyroid cancer, there are 112-113 children who are suspected of having cancer. When children get cancers it progresses very quickly. The former person in charge of health, Yamashita Shunichi, said it would be only a 1 in a million chance of children getting any kind of cancer because of radiation. But he was lying. Right now, it's like 1 in 3,000 - it's an epidemic... The head of the National Cancer Research Center estimated right now in Fukushima the rate of cancer has gone up 61 times. And yet the gov't and also the hospitals related to the gov't are saying this is not because of radiation... How long does the gov't think that we'll be silent about this? In light of this epidemic, my anger will never die down. And then to think about the parents of the small children - how worried they must be.

  • - It's not only children. There are many things happening to adults as well. Increased rates of thyroid cancer, heart attacks, leukemia, cataracts - many, many health problems, where they are wondering... there's something definitely wrong.

  • - I can't forgive the gov't, they're murderers. This is definitely a holocaust.

  • - Media won't report on it. Everything's just being swept under the rug.

  • - A TV program called ''... they went to Fukushima City to interview people and they also came to my clinic... The director that made this program also made a follow up show and contacted one of the interviewees telling her, 'We'll be airing it soon.' But before it was aired, it was taken off the program. This director died. This director apparently told one of the interviewees, 'If you do hear that I died, please believe that it was not a suicide, no matter what you might hear.' There is no truth in the media in Japan today. There are all sorts of these mysterious events happening that are still unexplained and uninvestigated.

  • - Even today the gov't is insisting the rise in pediatric thyroid cancer rates are not due to the accident...Why are they being so insistent? It's because the moment they admit the reality of what's going on, then they obviously can't restart any of the nuclear plants and must change their entire nuclear policy.

[embedded content]

Carole Hisasue, translator (at 1:15:00): It's disappeared from the media, it's disappeared from people's consciousness. There's this big culture of denial going on outside of Fukushima. They want to pretend like it never happened. I can't talk to my own family about radiation contamination... They don't want to hear it. They go, 'You don't understand because you don't have to live here, we have to live here.'... It's like 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'... just trying to ignore it and pretend life is the way it was before 3/11. It's frightening, it's very very frightening... [My sister-in-law] is completely brainwashed by the gov't who says, 'Oh no, it's fine, fine, fine'... she believes it, even though her son suffers from a lot of nosebleeds - and I think that's a serious problem. If I mention it to her, or even to my own mother, they get very offended. They go, 'Oh no, no. He's always been like that. It's nothing to do with radiation.' Talk about denial, it just hurts my heart.

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Troop of monkeys sends man to his death in India

Troop of monkeys.

The rising monkey population in Braj region has become a cause of concern for residents. In yet another tragic incident involving the rowdy primates, an elderly sant (holy man), identified as mahant Lal Baba, 75, of Madhav Kunj, fell from the terrace and died at spot on Wednesday evening.

Baba had gone up to the terrace to fetch items needed for a puja when a tribe of monkeys pounced upon him. The frightened man who tried to flee, lost his balance and fell off the terrace. He suffered severe head injuries. Police have sent the body for a postmortem examination.

Ashram inmates told police that Lal Baba had gone to the terrace to collect "bel-patra" for puja. "Just then a troop of rowdy monkeys attacked him. He fell down from the roof and died instantly."

Two days ago, a woman was attacked in the heart of the city and suffered serious injuries. Laxmi of Keshi ghat area fell from the terrace on Sunday afternoon and was admitted to the district hospital in a serious condition. She fell from the second floor and broke her legs.

According to locals, they are fed up with the simian nuisance, that is increasing with each passing day. In spite of the alarming instances of monkey attacks, the authorities do not appear to have any plan of action to contain the growing number of monkeys in Vrindavan. "The pilgrims are being attacked," said a local 'panda', Jagdish Prasad.

The number of monkeys in Mathura district that includes Goverdhan, Radha Kund, Gokul and Barsana, is estimated to be more than 10,000. Most have turned violent and aggressive, say locals.

The issue of monkey menace has been taken up by local MP, Hema Malini. She has written to various government departments and even asked for sterilization but so far, nothing concrete has been done.

"The problem is that monkeys are growing at a faster pace than what the green cover in the area can sustain. Their natural habitat has shrunk and no authority in any other place is willing to accept them," says social activist Pavan Gautam.

Their aggressive behavior is also being attributed to the fact that most of the monkeys do not get enough to eat and so rummage through garbage dumps. "As a result, they also fall prey to diseases," added Satpal Yadav, a resident of Chaumuhan.

When contacted, district magistrate Rajesh Kumar said the administration was exploring ways to tackle it and looking for ways this could be done.

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Pharmaceutical money: Is your doctor taking it?

E-mails sent to Sott.net become the property of Quantum Future Group, Inc and may be published without notice.

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Another JPMorgan banker dies after murder-suicide

By now, there have been so many banker-related suicides that it has become a moot point of i) tracking them all or ii) trying to find a pattern. And yet, one name continues to stand out: JPMorgan. The bank which has been most prominent among the list of "suicided" bankers notched one more casualty over the weekend when "a JPMorgan Chase & Co. employee strangled and stabbed his wife to death before turning the knife on himself, according to police who are treating the couple's death in Bergen County, New Jersey as a murder-suicide."

reports the gruesome details according to which Michael A. Tabacchi, 27, and his wife, Iran Pars Tabacchi, 41, were found dead Friday about 11:30 p.m. in the bedroom of their Closter home after a 911 call placed by the husband's father, Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli said in an interview. Closter is located in northern New Jersey, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from midtown Manhattan.

It wasn't a nail-gun this time. It was a knife:

Autopsy results on Sunday showed the wife died of strangulation and a stab wound to the chest while Michael Tabacchi died from a single self-inflicted stab to the chest, he said.

As his LinkedIn profile below shows, Tabacchi was an associate for JPMorgan in its global custody product unit.

This is how he pitched himself:

"Specialties: Excel and VBA is my bread and butter, I am very good and creative with data manipulation and reporting and can leverage my business knowledge to provide senior managers what is needed before asked to do so. I am also proficient with the remaining Microsoft office products (Word, Access, PowerPoint, and SharePoint)."

Full profile below:

But most eerie and disturbing is how comparable the Tabacchi double-death is to a comparable case from July of last year when as we reported not only did a JPM executive director shoot his wife multiple times before using the same weapon on himself (like now), but the tragedy also took place in New Jersey.

As reports, Jefferson Township (New Jersey) police report that the Global Network Operations Center Executive Director, "Julian Knott, age 45, shot his wife Alita Knott, age 47, multiple times and then took his own life with the same weapon."

The silver lining: like back then, so now, the offspring of the dead couple survived the massacre.

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Two US wars of aggression hidden from the history books

war tank

© unknown

While there are only a few wars that are recognized by the public education system and mainstream media, the US has been involved in hundreds of different wars and invasions all over the planet in the past 100 years.

Below is some information about just two of the wars that are often left out of the history books.

Between 1964 and 1973, the U.S. dropped over two million tons of bombs on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions, making Laos the most heavily bombed country in history. The US dropped more bombs on Laos than they did on both Germany and Japan combined during World War 2.

[embedded content]

According to Wikipedia: The United States Invasion of Panama, code-named Operation Just Cause, was the invasion of Panama by the United States in December 1989. It occurred during the administration of U.S. President George H. W. Bush, and ten years after the Torrijos - Carter Treaties were ratified to transfer control of the Panama Canal from the United States to Panama by January 1, 2000.

During the invasion, Panamanian leader, general, and dictator Manuel Noriega was deposed, president-elect Guillermo Endara sworn into office, and the Panamanian Defense Force dissolved.

[embedded content]

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he is also the owner of a successful music promotion company. In 2013, he became one of the organizers of the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled "Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance" at bookpatch.com.

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Not lovin' the American Dream any more: McDonald's employee trashes restaurant after being fired

This is the moment the man batted a pile of drinks cups to the floor as he rants at the other employees

A furious McDonald's employee has been caught on camera having a meltdown of epic proportions and trashing the restaurant after being fired.

A customer in the St Paul branch in Minnesota filmed the incredible moment the as yet unnamed member of staff started smashing up the restaurant in a fit of rage.

The disgruntled now ex-employee can be seen still wearing his red McDonald's t-shirt and black hat as he swears, shouts and trashes the area behind the counter.

[embedded content]

Ignoring the restaurant's shocked customers the man proceeds to smash glasses, throw drinks and even appliances to the floor, all the while unleashing a foul-mouthed tirade at the other employees.

A video on YouTube called 'McDonald's Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy' which captured the incident has already had more than 32,000 hits since it was uploaded yesterday.

'Man, I don't know what is going on,' one bemused customer tells the camera.

The employee left a trail of destruction in his wake, including trays, drinks cups, a can of whipped cream, straws, trays, broken glass and even ketchup.

The man marches around the back of the counter to the kitchen area out of sight but can be heard still shouting and swearing as he smashes the kitchen up.

He said: 'You treat me like s***, I get treated like s***!

'B**** give me my f****** pay! 'I was nice to you b****!'

Another man, who appears to be the manager, can be heard telling the furious man: 'You need to leave. Please. Just leave.'

The man ignores him and carries on his demolition campaign, pushing over a metal container and telling the manager to 'Shut the f*** up. Pay for that.'

One bemused customer can be heard saying 'Oh my god...'

Another said: 'Welcome to St Paul.'

The man kicks a metal container on the floor and address the camera with something inaudible.

He then eventually puts his coat on, still shouting at the manager.

The clip ends with the person filming appearing to lose interest with the on-going conflict, showing off his Versace jumper.

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Elephant kills 3 villagers in Orissa, India

© Satish Hanumantha Rao

Elephant Charging

A tusker killed three persons, including a couple, in Keonjhar district on Saturday night.

The deceased were identified as Laxmidhara Mohanta, 28, a resident of Chakulia village and Purna Chandra Mohanta, 65, and his wife Abanti Mohanta, 55, of Sitarampur village. Purna Chandra was a retired teacher.

Forest department sources said the tusker got separated from a herd at Similipal under Mayurbhanj forest division and entered Keonjhar from Patna range. It then wandered into Champua through Sadar forest range.

Around 10pm, the jumbo attacked Laxmidhara, a labourer, while he was working in a brick kiln near the village. Then it headed towards Sitarampur. Purna Chandra saw the tusker in his garden around 11pm and panicked. His wife rushed out hearing him scream. The elephant attacked and killed them, the sources added.

"The tusker was seen in Balibandh forest. We are keeping a close watch on its movement," said DFO (Keonjhar) kRohit Kumar Lenka. The bereaved families will be compensated in tune with the government rules, he added.

The deaths have created panic in the area with locals accusing the forest officers of failing to protect them and their properties from frequent elephant attacks. Six persons were trampled to death in 2014, eight in 2013, 14 in 2012 and eight in 2011.

There are around 56 elephants in different forests under Keonjhar division. They enter human habitations during harvesting season, attack villagers and destroy houses in search of paddy, the sources added.

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CEO of Gallup is worried he might "suddenly disappear" for criticizing U.S. government unemployment numbers

Gallup CEO, Jim Clifton

Years of unending news stories on U.S. government programs of surveillance, rendition and torture have apparently chilled the speech of even top business executives in the United States.

Yesterday, Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, an iconic U.S. company dating back to 1935, told CNBC that he was worried he might "suddenly disappear" and not make it home that evening if he disputed the accuracy of what the U.S. government is reporting as unemployed Americans.

The CNBC interview came one day after Clifton had penned a gutsy opinion piece on Gallup's web site, defiantly calling the government's 5.6 percent unemployment figure "The Big Lie" in the article's headline. His appearance on CNBC was apparently to walk back the "lie" part of the title and reframe the jobs data as just hopelessly deceptive.

Clifton stated the following on CNBC:

"I think that the number that comes out of BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics] and the Department of Labor is very, very accurate. I need to make that very, very clear so that I don't suddenly disappear. I need to make it home tonight."

After getting that out of the way, Clifton went on to eviscerate the legitimacy of the cheerful spin given to the unemployment data, telling CNBC viewers that the percent of full time jobs in this country as a percent of the adult population "is the worst it's been in 30 years."

Clifton drilled down further in his on line opinion piece, writing as follows:

"Right now, we're hearing much celebrating from the media, the White House and Wall Street about how unemployment is 'down' to 5.6%. The cheerleading for this number is deafening. The media loves a comeback story, the White House wants to score political points and Wall Street would like you to stay in the market.

"None of them will tell you this: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job - if you are so hopelessly out of work that you've stopped looking over the past four weeks - the Department of Labor doesn't count you as unemployed. That's right. While you are as unemployed as one can possibly be, and tragically may never find work again, you are not counted in the figure we see relentlessly in the news - currently 5.6%. Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed. Trust me, the vast majority of them aren't throwing parties to toast 'falling' unemployment.

"There's another reason why the official rate is misleading. Say you're an out-of-work engineer or healthcare worker or construction worker or retail manager: If you perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week and are paid at least $20 - maybe someone pays you to mow their lawn - you're not officially counted as unemployed in the much-reported 5.6%. Few Americans know this.

"Yet another figure of importance that doesn't get much press: those working part time but wanting full-time work. If you have a degree in chemistry or math and are working 10 hours part time because it is all you can find - in other words, you are severely underemployed - the government doesn't count you in the 5.6%. Few Americans know this." (Read the full article here.)

Another bold truth teller when it comes to the jobs data is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and former Associate Editor of the . For years Roberts has written about the lack of attention to the measurement known as U6 - which covers the unemployed, underemployed and those who are not looking but want a job. That figure stood at 11.2 percent in December of last year, exactly double the official unemployment rate known at U3.

The fact that hourly earnings are not improving with the improvement in the official unemployment rate and that the labor force participation rate of working age men (ages 25 to 54) now stands at the lowest level since the BLS started keeping records more than 60 years ago adds further fodder to "The Big Lie" theory.

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SOTT Exclusive: Massive explosion in Donetsk signals renewed chaos in Eastern Ukraine

Donetsk chemical factory explosion

© Screenshot from http://bit.ly/1A6yqGi

A powerful explosion lit up the night sky Sunday night in Donetsk at 10:50 pm. Shock waves shook the city, blowing out windows, and the blast was felt in the neighboring cities of Gorlovka and Makeyevka. The explosion was reported in the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk at or near a chemical weapons factory that was also targeted in September and November of last year. The location of the blast appears to be within the chemical factory area, but the Saker reports the impact was 1000 meters away from the main buildings. Russian TV has shown a crater 10 meters deep. Donetsk Republic leaders have said it would have needed the equivalent power of 1 ton of TNT to create, raising the possibility that a new type of weapon is in use.

Casualties from the explosion have yet to be confirmed from Donetsk, while Ukraine's leader of the radical Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, claims the blast killed "200 terrorists".

The explosion could be seen tens of kilometers away and residents have been posting their footage online:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Kiev's Anti-Terrorist Operation is blaming anti-Kiev forces for the blast. Their spokesman told the media, "This was caused by a dropped cigarette butt." Ukrainian parliament member Boris Filatov stated their military forces were shelling the area with a multiple rocket system, but they do not know what they hit because they were shooting based on coordinates

The fire from the explosion has been reported to have been contained and there is no risk of a chemical spill in the area.

Initial reports in the alternative media were abuzz with speculations that the blast may have been a nuclear explosion. While some conjecture may have been fear-based, with others simply looking for a 'scoop', the event highlights the unchanging direction of Kiev's war policy and the madness being unleashed.

This explosion was not an isolated incident. It appears to be a part of a resumed and increased offensive on Donetsk from Kiev. The head of the People's Republic of Donetsk stated Ukrainian warplanes were attacking the neighboring town of Gorlovka earlier Sunday night and up to 30 people were killed, including children. He said four schools and an elementary were among the buildings that were hit and added:

"Towards the evening, the Ukrainian bombers performed an airstrike on Gorlovka with 500-kilogram aviation bombs. Notably, the bombardment was not targeted; it came from over the clouds and the aim was simply to hit the town,"

"For several weeks, we've been shouting and trying to prove that the Ukrainian military is using the truce to perform a massive regrouping of its forces to prepare for a large-scale offensive. But all of our appeals to the OSCE and Joint Centre for Control & Coordination (JCCC) have been ignored,"

A representative from the JCCC confirmed the attacks and said,

" Also, for the first time after a long break, the Ukrainian side is using aviation."

The renewed attacks come immediately after Merkel's and Hollande's visit with Putin at the Kremlin this past Friday and Saturday to discuss the peace process in Ukraine. There are some small but significant signs that Europe is slowly waking up to the fact that the American sponsored chaos in Ukraine is not good for Europe. Ukraine clearly has no such interest in peace, while their supporters in the United States government are looking to dump more fuel on the fire.


Shane LaChance (Profile)

Born in America, Shane LaChance holds a Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship. After becoming disillusioned with the corporate takeover of the United States, Shane pursued a career in Human Services, where he specialized in program development as a case manager for child welfare. He is currently developing an international e-retail business and researches psychopathy and the human condition as a Junior Editor at Sott.net in his spare time.

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Officers assigned to schools ask judges for authority to arrest and pepper spray 'unruly' kids for 'misbehaving'

pepper spray

Either accounts were recently presented to US District Judge Abdul Kallon in a lawsuit whose outcome is expected in a decision Monday. However the judge rules, it may end up determining whether police that work within schools as "School Resource Officers" are allowed to pepper-spray students for being "unruly."

The suit explains that schools should "have the tools to help calm down a conflict," but that should "not involve spraying chemicals in kids' faces."

Mother Jones reported that the suit was filed in 2010 by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It alleges that eight students, "suffered physically and emotionally from unnecessary use of pepper spray."

The suit specifically names six school cops, as Birmingham Alabama Police Chief A.C. Roper. The suit has class action status, meaning that the decision the judge hands down will apply to all of the district schools, and may indirectly impact decisions across state lines in the future.

"We want it to be declared unconstitutional because it allows officers to spray people, specifically students, without considering a wide variety of factors - such as whether they are in a school environment, the fact that they are in a closed environment, and the fact that these things that they are accusing kids of doing and acting on are actually just student misconduct issues," Ebony Howard, the SPLC staff attorney said.

Since 2006, Howard explains that there have been hundreds of incidents where high school students have been pepper-sprayed for being "unruly" even though no laws were broken.

"We want training for these officers on adolescent development, de-escalation techniques, conflict management, and conflict resolution," she told Allie Gross with Mother Jones.

"Basically, we want them to be trained on how to actually be SROs, and to work in an environment where they have the tools to help calm down a conflict that do not involve spraying chemicals in kids' faces."

According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS) there were nearly 12,000 school cops or "SROs" in 1997, but by 2003, that number had jumped to nearly 20,000. Michael Choy, the police department's defense attorney, argued in the second week of the trial, that high school students "are not children" but, instead, "big adults."

But SPLC lawyer Ebony Howard explained that, "when you use a tactic like chemical sprays in schools, those kids learn to distrust law enforcement officers." Dennis Parker, the head of the American Civil Liberties Union's racial justice program said that such comments are "very disturbing."

Gross notes that Thomas Pedroni, an associate professor at Wayne State University's College of Education, commented on this situation, saying that "Police set up a different environment in a school. It becomes less focused on nurturing and caring and growing, and more focused on control...It's sort of tough in the environment of police presence to go, 'Oh, no, we're really a community of trust.'

"When you use a tactic like chemical sprays in schools, what you do is you teach a kid who has been sprayed, a kid who may have been accidentally sprayed, a kid who saw another kid get sprayed, as well as a kid who just knows about the use of the chemical - all of those kids learn to distrust law enforcement officers," Howard continued. "They learn that they will not be treated fairly."

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