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There has been a great deal of words written since and all that that entails, so this is not an attempt to enter into that debate, except perhaps to point out that there are some interesting details surrounding the crime scene. For one example; on the same day as the attacks occurred, there was a very mysterious suicide that would surely whet the appetite of any honest detective.

Unfortunately, these days, whether it is MH17, the London 7/7 bombings or 9/11 itself, the word "investigation" takes on a whole different meaning: there isn't any real investigation to speak of, except of course for the curious minds of regular people who want to try to understand. The official narratives of these events are usually extremely high on MSM-driven propaganda networks and are almost exclusively bereft of pertinent facts.

When and the Kosher grocery store were attacked, and aside from the strange details that should have been closely analyzed, we seemed to immediately enter into a propagandized witch-hunt, with an eye to prosecuting phantoms based only upon their breadcrumbs spilling out for all to heed. Yet fear not, the french Sûreté was quickly on the scene as they stumbled around the streets of France like Keystone cops. As the chase ensued, perhaps even from the get-go, it became evident that dossiers were being rolled off the Intel-press about the alleged killers - and forwarded to the world's press outlets for immediate dissemination. What was missing, however, were two things: bodies and slogans. The bodies would come (although we haven't seen those of the CH attackers) in a few days, but the slogan, "" was immediately available for mass consumption.

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Thinking back to many similar events, there seems to be a type of scripted post-event phase, as if a PR firm was working overtime to manage the event with trigger words. In the case of the crime, and for a different reason than the "anonymous" masks that appeared by the boxcar load in the movie , "Je suis Charlie" signs were printed, boxed and distributed en mass. These were not handwritten signs of anger that protesters usually craft and take to a rally. No, these signs were examples of carefully scripted conformity with a corporate edge about them. These signs spoke in one voice, for all, and those words had psychological effect. If you didn't want to take part, then you could choose to shut up.

To cite just one aspect of many of how humans can and will react in response to the manipulations of PR firms, take this paragraph from a recent article (linked below) concerning the book by David McRaney, You Are Not So Smart.

Priming: Your behavior is constantly being nudged in certain directions by ideas suggested to your adaptive unconscious. Simply reading certain words can affect your behavior (e.g., 'business'-oriented words cause people to be more selfish when prompted to split money between themselves and another), but it could be anything: images, sounds, smells, facial expressions. Just think of the constant media bombardment you receive on a daily basis from the news, the TV, movies, radio. Think of the words, and the way they're presented: terrorism, evil, jihad, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Islamic, Muslim. These words have all acquired an emotional content that is designed to affect you on the emotional level.

Now think back to Nazi Germany and the signs and slogans used for "priming" the citizens from the propaganda machine of Goebbels and his ilk. Those signs and slogans turned a nation upon its head with blood lust - filling minds with such hatred and automation that they would do anything to other people on command. They would, in fact, commit genocide against others for the "crime" of not fitting in. Think of the symbol of the Reichstag burned to the ground and the propagandist paper, , which wrote the script of lies for the people to swallow, hook, line and sinker.

So perhaps if someone was to track the source of those shipments of "Je suis Charlie" signs, one might find curious purchase orders amongst emailed pdf proofs tucked away in someone's inbox. Said paper-trail might show delivery from a so-and-so, who got it from somebody else, and that somebody had an eureka moment of insight as a perfect slogan solution to mark the crime's occasion or, it was devised deep in shadows - who knows...


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The point being that these signs have a type of coordinated roll-out feel about them, a type of round-table strategy with biting, yet soft psychological edges - thus, the slogan makers had found their perfect unity maker. The signs, in their black-and-white words and borders, resembled a type of pirate motif that we have all come to know so well - less the bones. These signs appeared to have been rolled out by the thousands and pressed into the hands of a shell-shocked French people to help vent, abate or heighten their very real anger, while at the same time helping to focus people's attention on what they should feel, rather than think, about the attacks.

For some reason, I'm reminded of another black-and-white display: the official antithesis of "Je suis Charlie". But it has the same kind of manufactured feel, the same sudden appearance, the same psychological unity that is evoked. Yet in this case, as proof from people around the world, it evokes mass fear. I speak, of course, of the flag of ISIS, or whatever name they are going under this week. Their flag has similar underpinnings; it is their rallying call, it's their banner to march under and show the world that they mean murderous thug business. These flags, too, are black and white, like the pirate flag of yesteryear, and this flag carries psychological projections with which people quickly identify - they feel the evil that emanates from its rippling edges against the winds.

Like the pirate flag fluttering from high upon a ship's mast, these flags flutter against the desert air amongst a throng of moving Toyota trucks in long convoys. Whilst these flags spotlight the fearful images that have become so overused on the six o'clock news, they are usually hoisted over the heads of black-clad-pajama thugs brandishing 7.62 mm Kalashnikov-type swords as they wave them for people to self-hypnotize in fear - for that little extra psychological measure (I'm not even going to attempt to talk about ISIS's "sophisticated" communications networks and their willy-nilly control of the Net) .

Pirate Flag

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So now I'm trying to imagine how these flags came into being. Perhaps, with the flag of ISIS, a great deal of cotton was ordered from the Saudis? Perhaps a design team was called in from somewhere amongst a back-drop meeting of PSYOPs propaganda makers? Perhaps some test subjects were shown proofs while their responses were analyzed as to what effects could be evaluated in their faces; either smiles or fear.

Somewhere, the material yarn was spun and manufactured; it was dyed and then woven into its now well-known symbol, like the hijacked Swastika was. Somewhere, hard currency changed hands for these threads. Boxes must have been brought in for packaging while the distribution points were being set up. Trucks arrived and the orders were sent out to drop off a box here and there, giving one to so-and-so and another to this man or that - have them all await for the coordinated message (cameras at the ready of course) to hoist them aloft so they can then ride under its glorious psychopathic message to the wold.

In essence, whether a "Je suis Charlie" poster, placard or banner, or an ISIS flag, there is a commonality here. Not just that, they each carry a powerful message of recruitment, of passion to some, of hate to many, and most of all, a type of scripted rallying cry, in that one pits its focus upon the West's evil ways and wails out to be feared, while the other subtly pits its message against a religion - "bomb them all", shouts the hysterical Jeanine Pirro's message to TV-land, or "arrest them all and keep us safe", the French sign shouts. But for the west, it is the concept of keeping us safe that is the unifying psychological message of both the "Je suis Charlie" slogan and the psychological force of the ISIS flag.

Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank.

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