Arizona State Hikes Tuition Dramatically, Yet Pays the Clintons $500,000 to Make an Appearance

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Just last week, I published an article highlighting how UCLA tried to negotiate a reduced rate on a Hillary Clinton speech only to be rebuffed by her representatives in the post, How UCLA Tried to Negotiate a Lower Speaking Fee, but Hillary Clinton Refused and Demanded $300,000. Here’s an excerpt:

Before Hillary Clinton spoke at the University of California at Los Angeles in March, her representatives had a few specifications to negotiate with school officials.

And of course, there was the matter of Clinton’s $300,000 speaking fee. When officials asked for a price reduction on behalf of the public university, Clinton’s representatives didn’t budge, saying $300,000 was already the “special university rate”…

Hillary’s greed, cronyism and phoniness is so incredibly shameless, genuine progressives such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders can’t help but call her out despite the fact that, other than Rand Paul, pretty much every other Republican running for President is an overt fascist. That’s how bad Hillary really is.

Although her entire career in politics has consisted of pandering to financial oligarchs and other powerful interests, she continues to successfully dazzle the ignorant with empty, disingenuous class warfare rhetoric. Nevertheless, when it comes to the choice between her getting paid and the public interest, guess what she chooses every time?

Moving along, it appears the UCLA student body got a great “deal” compared to the sucker serfs at Arizona State University. In what amounts to one of the more egregious slaps in the face to indebted millennials by a status quo that has handed them one of the worst economies in American history, we learn from USA Today that:

Arizona State University has nearly doubled its tuition over the last decade. Its trustees recently took out a full page ad bemoaning the dilapidated state of state funding to Arizona’s universities. Next year, it’s attaching a $320 surcharge to its already exorbitant tuition.

Meanwhile, the school was flush enough to hand over half a million dollars last year to the Clinton Foundation.

ASU says the $500,000 wasn’t a donation but a payment for the privilege of hosting the Clintons at ASU.

I really hope that’s sarcasm.

Meanwhile, this is how university spokesman Mark Johnson justified the absurd expense:

Johnson went on to explain that ASU “co-invested in this educational and promotional opportunity, which was co-produced for our students, and for students from around the world. No state funds were used for this purpose.”

Have you ever read a bigger bunch of bullshit in your life?

Me? I’m thinking we’d be better off co-investing in something other than a chance to underwrite the Clintons spring vacation in Arizona.By my calculation, the school spent $455 per student for the 1,100 students around the world who tuned in to CGIU.

If the universities are hurting as badly as their leaders have claimed, surely they could have come up with a better use for $500,000 than further enriching the Clintons.

ASU should disclose where the money came from for this boondoggle.

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