Cuba struck by second severe flood in a week: 14 inches of rain in a day

Over 2,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes in Barocoa, in Guantánamo Province, Cuba, after a storm and severe flooding damaged 100s of homes in the areas, according to Cuba's State News Agency, Granma.

This is the second major flood event to hit Cuba in the last few days. Wide areas of the capital city of Havana were flooded on 30 April after 188 mm of rain fell in 24 hours. At least 2 people died and several buildings collapsed. Havana has not been affected by the heavy rain this time around.

Granma say that 350.7 mm of rain fell in Barocoa from 02 to 03 May 2015.

The rain forced rivers to burst their banks and resulting floods damaged homes, roads and crops. The areas of La Granjita and Horno de Cal were said to be the worst hit. Over 250 homes were damaged either by flooding or strong winds. At least 4 homes were completely destroyed. Some of those displaced have since started to return to their homes

More Severe Weather Expected

El Instituto de Meteorología de Cuba (Insmet) yesterday forecast more severe weather, including heavy rain, over the next few days.

Over the last 24 hours, Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, also on Cuba's northern coast, saw 85 mm of rain. On the south coast, Santa Cruz Del Sur, Camaguey, saw 53.8 mm of rain.