Dead Gray whale buried in Tijuana, Mexico

This week on Sott Radio Network: The Truth Perspective: This week's guest on the Truth Perspective is Michael Snyder. Michael is very well known for his blogs and the sheer number of other sites that republish his articles from End of the American Dream and The Economic Collapse

Michael is the author of the book Get Prepared Now: Why a great crisis is coming and how you can survive it, which he wrote with Barbara Fix, and the novel The Beginning of the End, a mystery thriller set in the near future, both of which are available on Amazon. He also has a new DVD called Economic Collapse, World War III & The Death of America, which is available on

Though Michael may best be known for his articles about the faltering economy, he also delves deeply into such subjects as the police state, terrorism, geopolitics, corporatism, healthcare, and earth changes, among others.

Join us as we discuss many of the biggest topics of the day as well as the approaches and attitudes that would aid us in facing the turmoil we see coming in the near future.

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It's gonna be a good one, folks! - Listen on Blog Talk Radio