SOTT FOCUS: Restoration of Historical Truth: Russia Won World War II

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." George Orwell


Soviet soldiers hoist the red hammer and sickle flag over Berlin's Reichstag on May 2, 1945

Today, the deliberate inversion of historical fact by Western media and officials is so widespread that it is subverting the very foundation of historical reasoning. The principal aim of these distortions of public perception is the conquest of our minds and ability to separate truth from lies for the purpose of deluding the masses into accepting servitude and atrocities. The Western Media machine attempts to rewrite the history of WWII by blaming the Soviet Union for starting the war in Europe and for being a major aggressor and occupant alongside Nazi Germany. Just as the US promoted the Nazi regime in Germany to target the Soviet Union 70 years ago, they are today using fascism as a tool to weaken Russia and prevent its potentially powerful alliance with Germany and other European countries. As Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov on April 22nd 2015 acknowledged : "Americans do a lot to prevent Germany from developing closer ties with Russia."

The US played an important role in the initiation of the Second World War and the world events that lead to it. (See: Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War) Before and during World War II the U.S. Eugenic movement, wealthy individuals, and American corporations , such as IBM, Ford, General Motors, ITT, Standard Oil of New Jersey, The Chase Bank, the National City Bank of New York, supported the Fascist propaganda and military institutions of the Nazi regime. Hitler called the American eugenics leader Madison Grant‟s book The Passing of the Great Race, his bible.

In 1940, the Vice President of General Motors Graeme K. Howard in his book America and a New World Order expressed an opinion that was popular at that time that the fascists should be supported as the better alternative to the spread of Communism. The 33rd President of the United States, Harry Truman, speaking as a Senator to the U.S. Senate on June 5, 1941 proclaimed: "If we see that Germany is winning the war, we ought to help Russia; and if that Russia is winning, we ought to help Germany, and in that way let them kill as many as possible."

Western Media, including William Randolph Hearst, an American newspaper publisher whose influence extended to politics, motion pictures and art, continued to popularize the Nazi regime in Europe in a positive manner until the U.S. finally entered the war in 1943. The U. S. decision to enter WWII was induced by the undoubted success of the Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 - 2 February 1943) and the Battle of Kursk (5 July 1943 - 23 August 1943), which resulted in an unbearable crisis for Nazi Germany‟s war machine. Around that time it became obvious that the victory of the Soviet Union in the Second World War was a matter of time. Winston Churchill acknowledged that the battle of Kursk was one of the battles that "heralded the downfall of the German Army on the Eastern Front."

This 1943 documentary produced by the US government suited the interests of the United States for a brief period of time. It is a rare example of a somewhat accurate representation of the Soviet defeat of the Nazi army through brilliant strategies and heroic bravery of the Soviet people in defending Humanity against the plague of fascism. However, in this film the U. S. government did not hesitate to portray itself as the "United people" alongside the Soviet Union. The final frame from the film reads:

The first wave of historical distortion of the USSR‟s role in WWII started soon after the end of the war. The "Soviet genocide‟ narrative made its appearance in the US-dominated Western media and the USSR became the "aggressor‟. This marked the beginning of the Soviet isolation behind the Iron curtain. In 1951 the US Army produced an anti-communist film The Big Lie, that likened the Communist regime of the Soviet Union to the former Nazi regime. Post-war Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian Diasporas in the United States promoted propaganda written for the Western audiences that compared Soviet rule in Baltic countries with the Holocaust. Furthermore, a Lithuanian author, Pelekis, in his 1949 a book Genocide: Lithuania Threefold Tragedy, accuses both the Nazi and the Soviet regimes of starting WWII.

Post Soviet Collapse Propaganda

The second wave of historical "realignment" equating Nazism and Communism was stimulated by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the revival of neo-fascist attitudes in Eastern Europe. Since the early 1990s, many post-soviet countries became the official mouthpieces in a campaign for what they called the "reconstitution of historical justice‟, and the "determination of historical truth‟. Today, these organizations continue to promote the idea of "Soviet and Nazi occupations‟ and conduct investigations of the alleged crimes against humanity committed by these two regimes: Special Investigations Division (STS), The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGGRTC), the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania, the Institute for Information for the Crimes of Communism in the Czech Republic, the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes of the Czech Republic, the Commission of Historians of Latvia, Estonian International Commission for Investigation of Crimes against Humanity, the State Commission for studying repressive policies of the "Soviet and German occupations‟, are just a few of these organisations. In 2005 this last commission released the "White Book: Losses inflicted on the Estonian nation by occupation regimes 1941-1991", which was used to promote a large-scale anti-Russian campaign.

This distortion of history is also being achieved through global propaganda institutions that receive large financial support from the USA. There are many museums that are also engaged in promoting an identical "Soviet Genocide‟ propaganda line across the post-Soviet space, revealing the same mastermind behind this historical mockery. The museums in question include: the Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius, The Vilna Gaon Lithuanian State Jewish Museum, Military Museum in Latvia, Museum of Occupation in Georgia, Kiev‟s Museum of Soviet Occupation, The Institute of National Remembrance-Commission of the Prosecution of Crimes Against the Polish Nation, the Romanian Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, and the National Remembrance Institute in Slovakia, headed by an active member of the neo-Nazi movement, I. Petransky.


© Reuters/Mykola Lazarenko
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko (2nd R), his wife Maryna (R), Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski (2nd L) and his wife Anna visit the National Historic and Memorial Reserve "Bykivnia Graves", commemorating victims of Soviet-era repressions, near Kiev April 9, 2015.

The third and most recent wave of historical corruption started with the dramatic overthrow of the government of Ukraine‟s fourth President Viktor Yanukovych in Feb/March 2014. Ukraine, the Baltic countries and Poland are pushing their own version of WWII, in which the Soviet Union is blamed for the fascist atrocities. By engaging in such historical revisionism, these countries attempt to downplay the crimes of their Nazi collaborators and legitimize the Nazi movements that have risen to prominence in Ukraine. This strategy was employed to encourage violence and trials of Soviet heroes of the Second World War, who won a deadly fight against fascism. At the same time, veterans of the Latvian Waffen-SS and an increasing number of their supporters are permitted to hold annual parades in Latvia's capital, Riga.

On April 9th 2015, the Ukrainian parliament refused to recognise that the "Great Patriotic War", which describes the war between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, was started by the German invasion of the USSR (1941-1945). Ukrainian puppet president Petro Poroshenko during a ceremony at a Bykivnia Graves memorial near Kiev on April 10th said: "Hitler together with Stalin initiated the bloody fighting of World War II, and then tried to divide and split Europe". Earlier this year, Ukrainian puppet Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in his attempt to popularize the fiction of a joint German-Ukrainian struggle against a "Russian aggressor‟, accused the Soviet Union of invading Germany and Ukraine. He said:

"Russian aggression in Ukraine is an attack on world order and order in Europe. All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany. That has to be avoided. And nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War. And that is exactly what Russia‟s President Putin is trying to do."

The hubris of the pathetic Yatsenyuk is breath-taking. On January 28th 2015, the day of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau camp by Soviet troops, 12 presidents, 5 prime ministers and about 300 survivors of the camp, where more than 1.4 million people were killed, attended an international ceremony at the Auschwitz death camp. This event - to which Vladimir Putin, the leader of the nation that played a major role in liberating the prisoners 70 years ago, was simply not invited - resembled a theater of historical absurdity. In the attempt to explain publicly why the Russian President was not welcome to take part in the ceremony, Petro Poroschenko - with the support of his colleague President Komorowski of Poland - claimed that Ukraine, not Russia, was the liberator of the Auschwitz inmates. Poroshenko's administration deputy head, Valeriy Chaliy, in a January 23rd press briefing said that "Ukrainians made up the majority of those who freed Auschwitz - the Ukrainian Front". Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Grzegorz Schetyna, went further in his corrupted reasoning and suggested that Ukrainian Igor Pobirchenko was a commander of the first tank that broke down the gate of Auschwitz-Birkenau. As a matter of fact, a Jewish officer Anatoly Shapiro first entered Auschwitz as the commander of a battalion of the First Ukrainian Front, which was a Red Army Unit. The falsifiers of history failed to recognize that the First Ukrainian Front, just like all others units in the Red Army, were comprised of numerous nationalities: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, Tatars, Jews, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, and many others.

Soviet soldiers escorting two prisoners on the day of liberation, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland.

Estonian parliamentarians and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine identify pro fascist organizations, which served the Nazis in combat against the Red Army, as "fighters for independence in the 20th century‟. One such organization called Nightingale, was a Ukranian ultra-nationalist military force created by the Nazis in 1941. It murdered thousands of Jews, Poles and Soviets. After Hitler was expelled from Ukraine, Nightingale was trained by the CIA to carry on insurgence and assassinations against the Soviet regime. 70 years ago, the U. S. supported the same fascists who are now in power in Ukraine.

On April 20th, 2015, Hitler's Birthday, U. S. troops started training Nazi Azov battalion troops in Ukraine. According to the NY Daily News . U.S. Army spokesman Donald Wrenn said that the training mission, dubbed 'Operation Fearless Guardian', includes about 300 U. S. paratroopers, 75 British and 200 Canadian troops, that will remain in Ukraine for about six months and provide instruction to about 900 soldiers from Ukraine's national guard. Ukraine‟s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov confirmed in his April 19th Facebook post that that the units to be trained include the Azov Battalion, a Nazi force that advocates for ethnic cleansing to "purify‟ Ukraine from Russians. The Azov battalion's logo is a mirrored Wolfsangel - an emblem of the Nazi SS Division 'Das Reich', which has been associated with neo-Nazi groups worldwide.

The battalion is sponsored by Ukraine‟s oligarch and the governor of Dnepropetrovsk region, Igor Kolomoysky. Azov battalion is among other fascist organizations that have inbred connections to the political and financial oligarch establishment in the new Ukrainian government. To get an idea of what the Azov battalion is capable of, read, with caution, this article: US-backed Azov battalion crucifies and burns man alive in Ukraine.

Today, major U.S. propaganda and international policy-making institutions are at the fore-front of the campaign to revise post-war history and its distribute it throughout the European continent. Among them are the US Brookings Institution, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and Human Rights Watch, funded by the supporter of the German Gestapo in Hungary, George Soros.

Refusing Recognition of Russian Victory in WWII

A propaganda war against Russia aimed at undermining the significance of the Soviet victory in the Second World War and to convince the world that the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade has little official international recognition, has been launched by Western powers. About thirty heads of state from around the world have already confirmed their plans to attend the May 9th Parade in Moscow, including Greece and Cyprus, while Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel has announced she will arrive to Moscow on May 10 for laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Western media and politicians refer to the Parade as "controversial‟. Barak Obama and most European leaders are boycotting the event in protest at Russia's alleged "aggression" in Ukraine. Milos Zeman, the Czech president, initially confirmed his attendance, but changed his mind after coming under pressure by the Western power circles. His plan to join the Parade triggered a criticism by the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Ambassador Andrew Schapiro said: "I understand the desire to honor all who sacrificed in World War 2, but I think it would be unfortunate for President Zeman to be there as perhaps the only EU head of state, watching a military parade, at a time when Russian troops are destabilizing a neighbor in violation of international law."

Three former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine, Steven Pifer, who works for the Brookings Institution, John Herbst, a U.S. facilitator of the Orange Revolution in Kiev and pro-Western propaganda, and William Taylor, a chief coordinator of U.S. government assistance to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, in their op-ed for the Los Angeles Times said that, instead of participating in the Moscow Parade, the U. S. president Barack Obama and Western leaders should celebrate the Victory day in Kiev, a city where neo-fascists acquired political and military power. Celebrate the defeat of Nazism by Russia by honoring Nazi in Ukraine. Great idea.These numbskulls added: "Even though Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush traveled to Moscow in 1995 and 2005 for other V-E Day anniversaries, Moscow in 2015 is hardly the right place for Western leaders to gather now."


© Getty images
In 2005, Putin was joined at the 60th anniversary parade in Moscow by then-German Chancellor Gerhard Shroeder (left) and then-French President Jacques Chirac, as well as then-US President George W Bush.

In 2005, Putin was joined at the 60th anniversary parade in Moscow by then-German Chancellor Gerhard Shroeder (left) and then-French President Jacques Chirac, as well as then-US President George W Bush Photo: Getty Images

Although no longer a communist state, the Russian Federation is being forced to stand against Fascism once more. The Soviet Union played a crucial role in Hitler's defeat and lost 27 million lives in the effort. The Russian government is consolidating the efforts of different political and social organizations to counter the propaganda efforts aiming to undermine the heroic victory of the Soviet people against the Nazi aggressors and to damage Russia's national interests. On January 27th 2015, the Putin attended the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow at an event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz‟s liberation, and addressed the efforts of the West to rewrite the history of the Second World War:

"Direct attempts to silence history, to distort and rewrite history are inadmissible and immoral. Behind these attempts often lies the desire to hide one's own disgrace, the disgrace of cowardice, hypocrisy and treachery, the intent to justify the direct or indirect collaboration with Nazism."

On March 17th, 2015 Putin also spoke in front of the committee preparing the May 9th celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union‟s victory over Nazi Germany in the Second World War. He said:

"I reject these shameless conclusions and so called observations that have nothing to do with the truth. Their objective is clear - they want to undermine the power and moral authority of modern Russia and deprive it of the winner nation status with all consequences that would follow in international law."

Putin added that the agenda of the falsifiers is to divide people, spark nationalist violence in Europe and to use historical lies in geopolitical games. The upcoming 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade, which traditionally honors veterans of the bloodiest war in history and showcases Russia's modern military might, will be one of the largest in Russian history and will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union. Putin emphasized that the most important part of the Victory Day celebration is the substantial lifelong support given to the veterans, each of whom made a personal contribution into the victory over Nazism. In an effort to restore the historical justice the Russian government decided that Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian WWII heroes, discarded from a pedestal by the countries' current neo-Nazi regimes, will be receiving payments for life from the Russian government.

Russian state-funded television network RT launched the War Witness: Heritage project dedicated to WWII veterans and their legacy. Every day in the run-up to the 70th anniversary celebration of the Soviet Victory on May 9th, War Witness: Heritage will feature stories from 70 of the war's veterans.

As a part of the work on preservation and protection of historical truth, The Russian Defense Ministry for the first time published more than a hundred recently declassified historical documents of the Russian Central archive related to the Great Patriotic War. The Defense Ministry internet portal has two major exhibitions: Before the War and First Day of the War . Along with reports, maps, orders, directives, and other artifacts issued by the German and Soviet leadership just before and during the first hours of the Great Patriotic War, the Defense Ministry also published documents about the liberation of prisoners of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps by Red army soldiers.

Distortion of War History to Ensure Further War


The order of the National Commissioner of Defense No.2 June 22, 1941 7:15am. Original, hand-written text.

Despite the Western media attempts to convince the public that both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union started the war, the content of these documents shows that the Nazi attack was completely unexpected by the Soviet leadership. For example, a handwritten script by the Order of the National Commissioner of Defense №2 from June 22nd, 1941 as of 7:15 am demonstrates the first urgent decisions made by the top military and political command to repel this sudden massive aggression. The document clearly indicates that the Red Army were "forbidden to cross the border," which reveals that the Soviets at that time didn't yet believe that a real war had actually started against them.

At around 4:00 am on April 22nd 1941, without a declaration of war, fascist Germany and its allies launched the attack on the Soviet Union known as Operation Barbarossa. It was the largest simultaneous land-air invasion in military history along the entire Eastern Front from the Baltic to the Black Sea (3,720 miles long). It comprised 5.5 million troops, 4000 tanks, 5000 aircraft, 47000 artillery pieces, and 200 warships. It was only at 5:30am that the German Ambassador in Moscow, on behalf of his government, made the statement to the Soviet‟s People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs that the German Government had declared war on the U.S.S.R. The defense ministry portal also published the original map that indicates the position of troops of the Western front in the first day of the war.


The Reconnaissance Reports of the German army units “Centre”, “North” and “South” on June 22, 1941

There are also originals and translations (from German to Russian) of the Nazi military records reflecting events of the first day of the Great Patriotic War. The Reconnaissance Reports of the German army units "Centre", "North" and "South" on June 22, 1941, state: "in all directions our strikes took the Soviet army unaware. The opponent responds only with weak gun-fire. A few Russian airplanes are in the air." But by mid-afternoon: "recovered from the shock caused by the sudden attack, the enemy strengthens its resistance", Nazi military unit "South" reported.

The analysis of historical documents from both sides of the military conflict helps not only to understand the reasons behind the actions of the Nazis and their supporters, but to prevent the re-emergence of fascism and modern-day Nazis who take succor from the distortion of historical truth. Among the numerous documentary sources that can be found on the website, personal notes of the Chief of the General Staff, Franz Halder, deserve special attention. In the notes he describes the agenda of the Nazi army and provides some valuable insights about Germany's affairs with Great Britain, Japan and the United States.


From the diary of the General Halder of June 22, 1941. Translation from German into Russian

Russia is today the only country fighting for the preserving historical Truth and standing against Nazism. This is an alarming fact given that the United Nations emerged from the struggle against Nazism, with its principal mission to prevent its re-emergence. The purpose of history and its study should be to unite people, not to separate them. The existing archival documents, as living witnesses of history, are important elements of the world‟s heritage on which many generations will rely in their quest for truth. As a rule, we should not depend on governments to tell us the truth. Truth is an eternal doctrine, whereas interests of governments are fluid in their nature and frequently change. History can be manipulated in endless ways to cater to any potential audience, turning history into an instrument of manipulation and enslavement. To live in the world of delusions means to allow the psychopaths-in-power to take control of our destiny.

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