Europe doesn't need NATO... Nobody does


North Atlantic Terrorist Organization; The US’s Bastard Child

The West has continually forced its "values" upon other sovereign nations. For Western "think-tanks", it is a foregone conclusion that Russia is the threat, and NATO is the "good guy" on the bloc. Russia has to "westernize" by becoming more "democratic". But, who is to say that the evasive terms like "western values" and "democracy" are the best for Russia, Iraq, or other areas of the world?

After all, the U.S. and NATO are not spreading "democracy" to Saudi Arabia. Why is that? What about South Korea, Israel, or any other nation that plays by U.S., British, and ultimately NATO's rules? All of these countries are guilty of massive human rights violations. Why is the MSM ignoring this reality? The truth regarding U.S. and Western "crimes against humanity" should also be exposed, because who makes the United States and the West arbitrators of morality?

The West also seems to forget that Russia is not considered a major aggressor in the eyes of the world; rather, the U.S. is the biggest threat to world peace, which is why U.S.-led NATO is a threat to Russia, and peace in Europe. One only needs to look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt and now Ukraine. And that's just from the last 10 years. Let's not forget what happened to the Native Americans, South and Central America, and the Philippines. This is not to mention the multitude of other failed states, coups, and illegal invasions ignited by the United States since its inception. Russia does not need U.S. "democracy". Nobody does.

How many conversations does it take to get this simple concept through thick imperialist skulls? The United States is not a country that promotes peace, and NATO is not an alliance that guarantees world security.

It has been stated many times, by those who reject western exceptionalism, expansionism, and imperialism, that if Russia or any other country had acted the way the U.S. has in Ukraine, or other areas around the world, it would be considered an act of war. The only American politician that seems to understand this, in recent years, is Ron Paul, but the western media always downplays his importance, ignores him completely, or paints him as a loon. In reality, he is the only leader who sees the problems the U.S. has caused around the world with its destructive foreign policy. It is unfortunate Ron Paul's son does not seem to follow his father's brilliant leadership.

The rest of the politicians in the U.S., whether Democrat or Republican, liberal or 'conservative'; or in England, with the Tories and the Liberal Democrats — . When will Europe wake up and realize that Russia is not the threat? From the time of the American Indians to present day, the U.S. has been the destroyer of peace, and this is not going to change if the people do not change. The United States must fix their own country rather than destroying others to justify its existence.