Fog bank gives illusion of tsunami wave off New Jersey


© Jim Freda
The Sea Girt Lifeguards Twitter page said the fog bank showed up along the coastline after a storm Sunday.


Sea Girt Lifeguards @SGLifeguards

Weekend 2 in the books & ended w a fog bank, some surf & a wicked storm that came through #swimnearalifeguard

10:17 PM - 31 May 2015

Lifeguards at a New Jersey beach shared photos of a massive fog bank that looked like an extremely slow-moving tsunami wave.

The Sea Girt Lifeguards Twitter page shared photos of the fog bank, which sat right on the coastline Sunday following massive storms in the area, giving the appearance of a slow-moving tsunami wave.

The photos were taken by Jim Freda, beach manager for Borough of Sea Girt.

The National Weather Service said the fog bank was caused by "warm air condensing over cold ocean water."

The NWS posted a Facebook photo showing how the fog bank lined up perfectly with the coast.