McCain: Ukraine has yet to provide evidence to him of Russian involvement in Ukraine war


© REUTERS/ Yuri Gripas

Representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) have yet to present evidence of alleged Russian involvement in the conflict in Ukraine to the Ukraine supporter in the US Senate, Senator John McCain told Sputnik on Tuesday.

"No, I have not met with them yet," McCain said responding to reports that the SBU representatives delivered evidence of Russian engagement in Ukraine to US lawmakers this week.

McCain serves as the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and has repeatedly called for the US provision of defensive arms to bolster Ukraine's security.

On Monday, Senior SBU Advisor Markiyan Lubkivskiy wrote on Facebook that evidence of alleged Russian involvement in Ukraine gathered by the Ukrainian military has been delivered to US lawmakers.

McCain said that he does not know whether or not the evidence had been delivered to US lawmakers, but added he has "no doubt about" Ukrainian allegations against Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly denied claims that it is engaged in the internal affairs of Ukraine, and has played an active role in a series of attempted peace negotiations to end the conflict.

Comment: There are two things worth noting about this story. First, the reason that no evidence has been provided to McCain is that because there is no evidence to give. Second, that McCain would think he is so important that he should personally be given the evidence from the Ukrainians. The guy's self-importance is in the upper atmosphere. Also, the fact that McCain has "no doubt" about Russian involvement without any evidence showing that should give pause to anyone who thinks he is capable of any kind of objective thought. He's going to stick to the "Russian aggression" narrative whether there is evidence or not.