Odd trumpeting sounds heard from the sky in Cheltenham, UK


Angel Trumpets?

Readers in Cheltenham have been hearing odd trumpeting sounds over the town in the past few nights.

One took to our Facebook page to pose the question, having heard a noise in the Pittville area.

It comes after numerous people around the world posted videos of strange trumpeting sounds being heard in countries as diverse as the US, Germany, Australia and Iceland.

Has anyone else heard a strange trumpet like sound in Cheltenham (Pitville area) over the past few nights?

Posted by Aisha A on Monday, 1 June 2015

posted an article on the subject a fortnight ago and said: "Some scientists have said earthquakes can produce sub-audible sounds while lightning creates eerie noises heard through radio emissions.

"NASA researchers say the planet does make background noises, but people would usually require radio antennas to pick it up."

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