South Front Military Reports 5-6 June 2015: Blatant Minsk violations by Kiev continue unabated

The clashes have been continuing at the frontline since last evening. Ukrainian artillery has shelled Putilovka and Kievskiy districts of the city Donetsk. The firefight was going in the sector of Spartak last night. Kiev's forces attacked from sector of Avdeevka to the Yakovlevka and Yasinovataya checkpoint.

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Kiev's artillery was shelling hard Novorossian settlement Maryinka last night. Ukrainian side actively uses battle tanks, mortars and howitzers. Also, clashes have been going at most part of the frontline. The hardest clashes have been in at Veselaya Gora and Peski.

Sources in Lugansk People's Republic reports that Ukrainian soldiers deal small-arms weapons in Kiev-controlled town Schastie. Furthermore, few days ago, a drunken militant form pro-Kiev battalion 'Aidar' tried to sell a Kalashnikov to an OSCE observer who had been in the town in order to observe ceasefire.

5 June 2015

Novorossian warriors have destroyed 60 units of Ukrainian military equipment and over 400 Kiev's soldiers in the clashes around the settlement Maryinka, the head of DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko has stated today. Novorossian forces are depoyed in the center of the settlements now and maintains strategic crossroad Krasnogorovka.

Meanwhile, Kiev's military has backed all heavy military equipment to the contact line. Ukrainian military spokesperson Andrey Lisenko stated that Kiev won't pull back heavy military equipment from sector of settlements Maryinka and Krasnogorovka. Furthermore, all Kiev's Armed Forces was turned to the high war footage. It seems that Kiev government doesn't care about Minsk ceasefire agreement.

Ukrainian artillery has been shelling Donetsk with heavy artillery today. The sporadic firefights are going in the Shirokino, child was killed by Ukrainian artillery fire in Telmonovo. The situation is becoing tense at the whole contact line. In turn, military spokesperson of DPR Eduard Basurin has stated that political process stopped to influence the situation in the Donbass.

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