Summer in Madrid: Hail, storms and flash floods

© rafa_luque / Flickr
People run for cover in Madrid's Plaza Mayor.

Freak weather conditions for June caused chaos in Madrid on Thursday when the capital was hit by electric storms, torrential rain and even hail.

Around mid-morning the skies darkened and then the heavens opened causing torrents of water to flood streets and overflow drainage systems.

Some metro lines were forced to close and roads across the city turned into gushing waterways causing flashfloods.

Those unlucky enough to be caught in the downpour sought cover as they were pelted with hailstones.

Across Madrid people recorded the adverse conditions and posted the images to social media.

Here is a selection of the best footage:

This footage of the heavy hail storm in Madrid on June 11 was taken by a pupil at the Liceo Francés in Madrid. Credit: Twitter/guitaristtalent

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