U.S.-supported radicals in Ukraine are anti-gay: LGBT parade ends in violence

LGBT themed events in Kiev this week were supposed to demonstrate to the world that "Ukraine is Europe," a showcase of democracy, equality and freedom, as opposed to its backward totalitarian Eastern neighbor. Western mainstream media reporters were on standby to showcase the triumph of Euro-values in Kiev.

Instead, 5 Kiev policemen are now hospitalized, and participants of the parade were advised to disburse in small groups and avoid crowded areas on their way to safety.

The parade lasted less then 30 minutes. It was halted for the sake of safety of the participants, reports TASS.

About 300 people from Ukraine, Sweden and Georgia gathered for the parade.

The organizers advised the participants to break up into small groups, not use public transportation and kept the location of the parade in secret until today, fearing attacks of the radicals. However, all precautions were in vain.

Before the start of the parade about 40 radicals pelted the procession with firecrackers, wounding a policeman in the neck.

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10 Radicals were arrested, after which the procession resumed under the rainbow banners.

The participants of the gay pride parade walked 500 meters, after which the procession was stopped by the police for safety purposes.

After the parade, the radicals were staking out and attacking the marchers at bus stops and metro stations. The police intervened, but the radicals again threw firecrackers.

As a result 25 people were arrested, 5 policemen were injured (one seriously), 4 parade participants were attacked and injured, as well as 10 radicals.

Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the "Right Sector" said: "Gay parade is a spit on the graves of the fallen" (www.bfm.ru)

With one hand the Ukrainian government is defending the rights and safety of sexual minorities from the radicals, while with the other hand it is arming these same radicals with heavy artillery to murder the children of ethnic minorities in Ukraine, under the unwavering support of Western "beacons of democracy and justice".

Perhaps, we will hear these were just Putin's agents?

Comment: Remember, these 'radicals' are the same people who 'jumped' on Maidan to effect a . These 'radicals' are the same monsters who tortured and murdered protesters in the Odessa massacre. These 'radicals' are the same as those led by Dmitry Yarosh, head of Right Sector and military aide to Viktor Muzhenko. These same 'radicals' have been fighting against Novorossiya, alongside the Ukrainian military. These same 'radicals' are now being integrated into Ukraine's Armed Forces. In sum, these 'radicals' ARE official Ukraine. They're the ones the U.S. has been supporting, and without them, there would be no Maidan, no ATO, no Odessa massacre.

So it's rich that Poroshenko and his fellow clowns are trying to 'Westernize' their image by appearing to be LGBT-friendly. The reality is, they're not. And yet the West has a collective conniption fit about Russia's stances and legislation (more on that here). As usual, the hypocrisy and double standards are amazing.