Check Out The Fancy Jet Hillary Clinton Flew In After She Gave A Global Warming Speech (6 Pics)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton must be taking notes from global warming zealot and failed 2000 presidential candidate Al Gore, because her hypocrisy just reached epic new heights.

Only hours after Clinton gave a global warming speech in Des Moines, Iowa, she hopped on a 19-seat private jet that burns 347 gallons of fuel per hour, reported 

The Weekly Standard

Before I show you pictures of her jet, let me remind you of what your flights typically look like:

Don’t forget the sound of crying babies!

Now let us take a glimpse at Clinton’s “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” jet (H/T 

Daily Mail U.K.


As a reminder, Clinton flew in this jet only hours after she “unveiled her presidential campaign’s push to solve global warming through an aggressive carbon-cutting plan.”

During the speech, Clinton not surprisingly made no mention of the fact that the jet she was about to fly in would wind up releasing boatloads of carbon into the atmosphere.

The following Twitter user kind of put everything in perspective for us (H/T 



Bingo! In the minds of liberals like Hillary Rodham Clinton, everybody else — including America’s energy producers — must lower their “quality of life” and pull back on their business aspirations for the sake of global warming.

As for Clinton and crew, they get to keep living it up like the rich and the famous.

Hypocrisy much!?