How Minority Report Predicted the Future With Surprising Accuracy

While we don’t yet know what impact the new Minority Report TV series will have on society, there’s little doubt that the original 2002 film had a huge impact on technology. A number of future technological advances displayed in Minority Report are now a reality in some form or another, and it’s tough to say whether that’s because of the film’s use of scientists in predicting what would come to pass, or because of today’s scientists being influenced by the movie. Either way, the movie’s vision for 2054 is looking more and more accurate every day.

Before making the film, Steven Spielberg gathered together a team of no fewer than 16 scientists. Their task? To come up with a realistic vision of what the world might look like in the year 2054. As you’re about to see, the team which included researchers from MIT and DARPA, really hit the nail on the head.

Here are some technologies that Minority Report predicted that exist today.

Gesture-Control Interfaces

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of Minority Report is the image of Tom Cruise using his hands to conduct data across a screen without ever touching it. And we now have the ability to do just that. Microsoft unveiled their gesture-based Kinect system for X-Box 360 back in 2010, and the technology has since expanded to be used in other arenas. And unlike Cruise’s gadget, no gloves are needed.

Driverless Cars

Who could forget the scene where Cruise traverses, outside of a vehicle, across a highway of self-driving cars? A scene like this could unfold sooner than we expect if Google has their way. The tech giant has been experimenting with their autonomous cars for quite some time, and have now logged over a million miles on the road. Now, with actual automakers like Audi and Tesla getting in on the self-driving game, the future is now.

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