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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Brain-washed, brain-dead puppet speaking: Polish MEP urges Europe to stop Russian ruble trading

Ryszard Czarnecki polish MEP

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Ryszard Czarnecki

To make sanctions against Russia efficient, a Polish MEP said they need to be "preventive, prophylactic sanctions," rather than reactive. Ryszard Czarnecki represents one of the countries hardest hit in the "sanctions war" between Russia and the West.

"The Russian ruble should stop being a convertible currency, the ruble should be excluded from international financial turnover," RIA quotes Czarnecki speaking at Poland's parliament.

"To counter Russia's aggressive military actions, pre-emptive sanctions should be considered," Czarnecki added.

Cutting the Russian ruble out of the international financial markets would hit the country's economy hard, he said.

"When Visa and MasterCard


to serve the customers of a Moscow bank, the effect was impressive."

Comment: Yes, it was. It has prompted the Kremlin to speed up developing its own credit card system. Soon Mastercard and Visa will be irrelevant to Russia and its trading partners.

Czarnecki also proposed to cut supplies of Russian energy, as well as control transit of Russian gas to Europe.

Poland is one of the countries hit the most by Russian countermeasures, with food exports of $1.5 billion in 2013.

Together with the Netherlands and Germany, Poland was among Russia's top-three biggest food suppliers in the EU. Earlier this week Poland's Economic Ministry sent the European Commission a request to open an official


at the WTO to examine Russia's EU food embargo.

Comment: Geez, this guy seems almost eager to cut Poland's economic throat. Russia's actions were in response to the West's initial trade sanctions. Any sensible person could see that. Poland really is living in la la land.


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