Ramping up the fear: Ex-Homeland Security adviser says ISIS may have crossed US border

Joshua Katz, an Army veteran and former CIA operations officer who served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said it is "very, very, true" that ISIS may have crossed the southern border. Katz reported that Gov. Rick Perry's (R-TX) recent comments that it was a "very real possibility" that ISIS had already crossed the southern border were "very, very true" on Friday's "Fox and Friends" on the Fox News Channel. "ISIS is a group that will do whatever it takes in order to accomplish its goals. It's very brutal. It's very aggressive. They're going to do anything, and if that means working with cartels, if that means working with other enlisted groups in order to attack the homeland, they will do that. Other groups like Al Qaeda, or other terrorist groups who have a desire to hit the homeland will also use that ... we have this sort of this double front aggression toward American borders" he added.