Citizen warns that 12-yr-old child's toy gun on playground is FAKE, cops shoot and kill child anyway

12-year old shot_police


Cleveland, Ohio - A rookie police officer has just shot a 12-yr-old child to death on a playground.

The child was playing with a toy BB gun.

Police claim that the toy looked real and that they were "forced" to shoot the child.

However, the community and the boy's family say that the cops were trigger-happy.

They believe that the cops were trigger-happy for several reasons:

1) The citizen who called 911 on the boy clearly warned the dispatcher that child's toy gun was fake(raw recording below). This means that warning was given ahead of time from which any reasonably sane and intelligent person can extract two facts: (a) we are dealing with just a child, not an adult, and (b) the child's toy is fake.

2) The boy did not act aggressively toward the police - there was no verbal or physical confrontation. He never at any time pointed the toy at officers. He was merely playing on the playground.

3) The police should be trained to distinguish between a live threat and a playful 12-yr-old child. They should not just blindly open fire and shoot non-aggressive people simply for holding an object, gun or otherwise.

4) Even if the boy's toy HAD been a real gun - which it wasn't, but let's assume for the moment that it was, just for the sake of argument - the 2nd amendment of the constitution gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms. The police do not have the right to just blow away anybody for holding a gun.

Due to these reasons and more, the police indeed seem to be trigger-happy at best; eager to use force without discretion so they can pretend to be "heroes" and get career boosts, at worst.

The incident began when a rookie officer and his partner pulled into the parking lot and noticed some people near the playground, after receiving a 911 call, according to reports.

The 911 caller told the dispatcher that the boy's toy was fake.

The rookie cop showed up to the scene and claims that he saw a "black gun" resting on a table.

He claims that the child went and picked up the bb gun and put it in his waistband.

Why the cop simply did not rush the child and prevent him from picking up the "gun" when he first saw it on the table remains a mystery.

Caller clearly warned that the boy's toy gun was "fake" - Listen to 911 Call Now

The cop reportedly told the boy to put his hands up, but claims that the boy was "reaching" into his waistband.

The child did not threaten the officer at all - neither verbally nor physically.

But the cop opened fire and shot the boy in the torso anyway, according to reports.

The boy was rushed to the hospital. Initial reports stated that the child was in serious condition.

We have now received confirmation that the child has died.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident or heard about it gathered and shouted expletives at police, saying that the police failed to use discretion and just wanted to feel like heroes by shooting somebody.

Deputy Chief of Field Operations Ed Tomba assured the public that "Police don't come to work everyday and want to use force on anybody."

It is important to note that the boy never threatened the officer, he never even pointed the gun at the officer, never physically or verbally posed any kind of threat, and, moreover, a citizen warned ahead of time that the child's toy was fake. Thus the police had ample opportunity to handle the situation intelligently, but they opened fire and shot the child to death anyway.

It seems likely that the boy was simply startled when the cop suddenly appeared in front of him, and was trying to explain to the officer that his toy was not real, but never had the chance because the cop fired so soon.

This article will be updated - including the boy's name and the names of the officers and witness testimony - as more details are made available.