Home-school parents tasered, pepper-sprayed, handcuffed, for "messy house" as kids watched


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Nodaway County, Missouri - Last week, Jason and Laura Hagan, of New Hampton, Missouri filed a lawsuit against the Nodaway County Police for a SWAT team raid against their family, where tasers and pepper spray were used by the invading officers. The lawsuit is the newest fight in the family's lengthy legal battle with the county over the raid, which took place in 2011.

The case began years ago when Child Protection Services (CPS) agents were sent to the home because they were homeschooling their children and they reportedly had a "messy house."

According to the complaint filed last week, the family was harassed by CPS agents on multiple occasions and one day, they refused to let the agents inside their home. The agent then called Chief Sheriff's Deputy David Glidden and Sheriff Darren White of the Nodaway County police department.

When the officers arrived at the home they were told by Jason Hagan that they were not allowed to enter his property without a court order. Glidden responded by forcing his way into the home and spraying both Jason and Laura in the face with pepper spray.

Next, Glidden uses his taser on Jason, shooting him in the back with the weapon. Horrified, Laura shut the door to separate herself and her husband from the officer, who triggered the taser 3 more times through the closed door, as the barbs were still stuck inside of Jason.

Officer White then helped Glidden force open the door again and found the couple both laying on the floor in pain. The officers then pepperspayed the couple as they laid on the floor. With the couple subdued, the officers turned to the family dog and sprayed it with a chemical agent, and then threatened to shoot it if it did not stop barking.

At the end of the raid the couple was arrested and both of them were charged with resisting arrest and child endangerment. In court, the cases against Jason and Laura were both dismissed, with the judge ruling that their 4th amendment rights had been violated in the raid.

Now with the criminal cases behind them, the family is taking the fight against the county. Sadly the only people who will have to pay for the incompetence and abuse of these officers and local officials are the tax payers of Nodaway County.