Russian and Chinese militaries will cooperate against mono-polar world and double standards - Russian official


© RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Ankov
The large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev in the Gold Horn Bay.

Military cooperation between Russia and China will be aimed against mono-polar world and double standards, the Russian deputy defense minister told reporters after talks with a Chinese official.

"," General Anatoly Antonov said after talks between Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and the deputy chairman of China's Central Military Council General, Fan Changlong.

Antonov said that the two military officials agreed that Russia and China will conduct naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and Sea of Japan in the nearest future. He noted that last year's exercises in the East China Sea yielded "," as did the ground training of Russia and China forces within the framework of the 'Pace Mission 2014' exercises in northern China.

Antonov said the two nations would prioritize the coordinated position on the global missile defense program.

He also told reporters that the Chinese delegation was taken on a tour on Russia's newest top-security, fortified facility in Moscow dubbed the "wartime government HQ."

The talks between Russian and Chinese defense officials came just days after the Moscow summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping during which the sides signed a decree on cooperation in tying the development of the Eurasian Economic Union with the 'Silk Road' economic project.

In subsequent press comments Putin labeled the integration of the Eurasian Economic Union and Silk Road projects as "" and noted that it was implying the common economic space on the whole continent of Eurasia.