Syrian Electronic Army hacks US Army's website


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The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) group of hackers who support the Syrian government broke into and defaced the US Army's official website on Tuesday redirecting it to an image promoting the Syrian Army.
The US Army's website, is down as of 5:10 p.m. GMT, but the SEA left an archived copy of the page it was replaced with.

The SEA also apparently gained access to the website's internal databases.

The SEA, known for hacking websites belonging to organizations it considers critical of Syria's government. Most recently, the SEA hacked the 's mobile website on May 14.

The group also previously hacked emails of high-ranking Turkish and Saudi Arabian officials. It is also alleged to have hacked anti-government rebels' smartphones and computers.

In 2013, the SEA hacked former FIFA President Sepp Blatter's Twitter account, using it to make Tweets such as "His excellency the emir of #Qatar has been the most generous figure I have even met" and "I have recommended his excellency prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan as my successor."