Ex-Mossad chief Dagan calls Bibi's Iran speech "bullshit"


© Miriam Alster/Flash90

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan lambasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a Channel 2 interview previewed Thursday, calling his speech before Congress "bullshit," and charging that his policy vis-a-vis the Palestinians endangered the Zionist dream.

"The reality being championed by Netanyahu and [Jewish Home party leader Naftali] Bennett will result in a bi-national state. I think that's a catastrophe," Dagan said.

"In the Palestinian arena, [Netanyahu's] policy will lead ... to apartheid," he told Channel 2 Thursday, adding that such an outcome will "end the Zionist dream."

The former spymaster, who spent eight years at the helm of Israel's shadowy intelligence agency, will lead a Tel Aviv rally Saturday night to advocate a change of government.

He has been an outspoken critic of Netanyahu in the past, calling Netanyahu's judgment on Iran into question.

In a snippet from Dagan's reaction to Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress on Tuesday — which he watched alongside a Channel 2 reporter — Dagan can be seen muttering at the screen "bullshit" after Netanyahu makes a point on Iran's progress in its nuclear program.

The full interview was to be aired Friday night.

"For 45 years I have served this country — all of them dedicated to safeguarding its security as a Jewish and Zionist state. I don't want that dream to disappear," Dagan said.

In response, Netanyahu's Likud party issued a statement accusing Dagan of deceiving the public and noted that the prime minister has worked tirelessly in his efforts to ensure Israel's continued security.

"Meir Dagan is wrong and misleading," the statement read.

Netanyahu does not "give in to international pressure" and will not hand over land to the Palestinians because areas submitted to them today will "come under the control of radical Islam and terror groups backed by Iran tomorrow."

"The prime minister's speech at Congress reverberated around the world and enunciated the dangers faced by Israel and the world as a result of a bad agreement. There is no doubt that [Netanyahu] challenged the major powers to address these dangers," the press release stated.

Comment: A couple points to consider:

1) Mossad operates "by way of deception". If Dagan is planning a public rally, Mossad itself is probably doing more behind the scenes. The question is, does Mossad's agenda line up with Dagan's public statements -- to replace Netanyahu? Or is that part of the deception?

2) Dagan is criticizing Netanyahu because he isn't Zionist enough. On the other hand, he seems to be forecasting an apartheid state (as if Israel isn't already there). So what exactly are Dagan's (and Mossad's) views on the matter? How can Zionism be fulfilled apartheid? That seems like a contradiction in terms.