Nine killed as bus catches fire from engine short circuit in India

Nine persons were on Tuesday killed and six others injured when a roadways bus caught fire in Peeparpur area, a senior police officer said on Tuesday.

The incident occurred this morning when the roadways bus going to Sultanpur caught fire due to short circuit in the engine near Ramgaon village, Superintendent of Police Heera Lal said.

He said 42 passengers were on board the bus. Some passengers managed to escape by smashing window panes of the bus.

The SP said that efforts were being made to identify the victims. The injured have been admitted to the hospital in Sultanpur.

Comment: Other vehicular fires recently include, a school bus in Massachusetts, where a "really loud bang" preceded the fire; a boat fire in South Carolina where an explosion occurred "after turning the engine on". As well as fires involving tractor trailers, cars, pickup trucks, and small planes.

There has also been a surge in wildfires, more manholes exploding, more apartment building explosions, more transformer explosions and even drinking well water in China so polluted that it caught fire!

Could some of these incidents be related to increased 'outgassing' as Earth 'opens up' from a build up of methane from deep below the planet's surface which is igniting?

Could some other incidents and the increasing number of power outages, such as in the Netherlands ,Turkey and Washington in the US, be affected by electrical 'grounding'?

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