Get Ready! Armed Biker Gang Drew Muhammad At Phoenix Mosque

Hundreds of Valley residents gathered at the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix Friday night, some as part of a “Freedom of Speech” rally and others to tout the tolerance of all religions.

What started as a few supporters around 5 p.m., turned into hundreds by the protest start time at 6:15 p.m., with both sides passionately vocalizing their views and waving signs in the air.

As the two sides argued and yelled, dozens of police officers formed a line between them and kept them separated. There were no reports of injuries or arrests at the protest, which lasted a couple of hours and gained attention around the country on social media. Phoenix police estimated about 500 protesters showed up, roughly 250 on each side. (Read more about the Phoenix mosque Muhammad protest HERE)

Get Ready! Armed Biker Gang Drew Muhammad At Phoenix Mosque

By Louder With Crowder. Yesterday a biker rally was held outside of a mosque which included a Draw Muhammad contest. The event, organized by Jon Ritzheimer and Flash Nelson, has a Facebook page, and participants are encouraged to exercise their second amendment rights.


Despite the assurances that the protest will be both peaceful and lawful, the organizers are already receiving “credible threats.” John Ritzheimer posted late Thursday afternoon: