UK Day of rage: Thousands to protest Tory austerity, Islamophobia & Human Rights Act repeal

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Thousands of people are expected to attend numerous protests in the capital on Saturday to demonstrate against further planned cuts to welfare, the scrapping of the Human Rights Act and discrimination against the Islamic community.

Nearly 10,000 have said they are attending two separate rallies in London - the first organized by UK Uncut, which campaigns against cuts to welfare, and the second by individual campaigners who want to reverse proposals from "

The event description from UK Uncut claims the £12 billion in planned spending cuts "

"The Tories are planning to cut another £12 billion, on top of the £25 billion they've already cut. Let's come together to tell the government we won't let them crush our public services with a further £12 billion of CATASTROPHIC cuts!"

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"The cuts are a political choice, not an economic necessity. This government wants to destroy the welfare state and privatize our vital public services. Austerity is just an excuse to transfer public services into private hands, to protect the rich and punish the poor," it adds.

The new government has already faced civil unrest since May's general election, which saw the Tories narrowly edge a majority government.

On Wednesday, as the Queen officially opened parliament, demonstrators gathered in Trafalgar Square and marched through Westminster to protest further austerity measures.

Amid scuffles during the mostly peaceful demonstration, UKIP MP Douglas Carswell was pounced upon by protesters and forced to seek the protection of a police escort to ensure he made it safely through the crowds.

The second protest taking place is predominantly in opposition to the repeal of the Human Rights Act (HRA), amongst other perceived civil injustices.

Scene's from Wednesday's protest:

The event description reads: "

To repeal the Human Rights Act!

government that is hell-bent on destroying civil liberties.

carte blanche towards arbitrary stop and search against young black men.

abuse and institutional discrimination against the Islamic community for the sake of 'national security,'" it adds.

Prime Minister David Cameron appeared to falter on the issue of the HRA repeal during the Queen's Speech, where the British Bill of Rights - intended to replace the HRA - was announced as a 'proposal' rather than a concrete measure, the crucial wording implying more debates will take place before the bill is put forward.

The Prime Minister is also facing a rebellion on the issue from Tory backbenchers, and there are fears it may produce cracks within the party.

The protests are due to take place from 13:00 BST on Saturday.

Comment: Despite the pro-austerity rhetoric from Westminster, we are not "all in this together". In Britain today, the richest are 105 times better off than the poorest in society. It is the "European capital of inequality", worse even than the United States! Studies show that these obscene, unnecessarily harsh austerity measures are having devastating repercussions among those most vulnerable, as people go hungry, forcing dependency on food banks.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently told MP's that he 'will not waste a single moment with getting on with the task' of reshaping Britain, and of 'building something special'. More people are beginning to see just what sort of psychopathic,chaotic,elitist reality he wants to create!