SOTT Exclusive: Dead or alive? NATO's Kosovar ISIS militant raised from the grave, assumes new role


Muhaxheri waves a sword, promises to conquer Rome and Spain

A notorious 24-year-old Kosovar ISIS militant beheading people under the name of Lavdrim Muhaxheri has been potentially resurrected from the dead following the release of a video footage where he is allegedly seen killing a Syrian man with a rocket-propelled grenade. It was reported previously that Lavdrim was killed in Syria last year, but it appears that he has now risen from the dead in order to again partake in the US/NATO hollywoodesque ISIS opera.

Before joining al-Baghdadi's crusade against the 'infidels' in the Middle East, Lavdrim was employed by none other than NATO, working at Camp Bondsteel, considered to be the largest American military base in the world outside of the US territory, placed in the US/NATO carved and occupied drug and organ trafficking state of Kosovo currently headed by criminals such as Kosovo's Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, a former KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) leader. KLA is, of course, another NATO armed and trained terrorist proxy force that was used to break apart Yugoslavia.

After Lavdrim's work at Bondsteel, he was schlepped to Afghanistan to partake in NATO operations there.

In 'Bondsteel', for a certain period he worked as a labor force, until the year 2010, and there he maintained good reports and recommendations from his employer, and through the private company, as many young Kosovars did, he traveled to work in Afghanistan, respectively in NATO's camps. There he worked for nearly two years, says his friends.

Following such a lucrative career working as a NATO puppet, NATO apparently decided Lavdrim should join their proxy force of ISIS/Jabhat al-Nusra/moderates/opposition in Syria attempting to topple the government.

Lavdim Muhaxheri joined the Siria war, as a mujahid, in 2012, and a year later he was returned. Until the half of the Ramadan festival, in 2013, he was in Kosovo, and then he re-joined the fighters in Syria, where he took the position of the leader. Later on he took the leading role in clarifying the internal clashes in the resistance camp against Bashar Al Assad, and he was the first Ablanian who confirmed that there were deep divisions among the revolutionaries.

According to reports, after "he was returned" to Kosovo, he was under the investigation of the Kosovo police, only to leave for Syria again and join ISIS despite the so-called investigation.

He attained his short-lived notoriety after posting a beheading photo on his Facebook page, like every aspiring jihadi does these days. Later it was reported that he was killed fighting the Kurdish defense forces, only to now be brought back to life and according to some, he even received a promotion and is now a 'strategist' for the so-called Islamic state.

Whether Lavdrim Muhaxheri is dead or alive is a moot point, since the "Kosovo police said they are working with international partners to verify the authenticity of the video and the time of its publication," it does appear though that the US/NATO-led scripted operation currently going under the banner of ISIS, always needs a character like Lavdrim or a similar front man to paint a 'human face' to their proxy army and give credence to the false narrative that ISIS isn't a puppet in the hands of certain intelligence agencies but a group run by fanatical cutthroats that somehow sprang from the desert by themselves fully armed, trained, driving Toyota pickups and even pickups of Texas plumbers.


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